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MFC Webmaster F.A.Q.

Q. Does Music Fan Clubs place any advertisements on my site after I bring it onto the MFC server?

A. Yes. Music Fan Clubs will place ads on your site. We will give you the code and you will have the choice of where to place the advertising on each page so it works well with your overall design.

Q. Can I keep or place ads on my site after I bring it onto the MFC server?

A. You may keep or place new ads on your site with the following restrictions:
  • The ads must be pre-approved by Music Fan Clubs. Any ad that conflicts with MFC and its affiliate companies that are on cannot be placed on any fan site.
  • Music Fan Clubs retains 70% of all income derived from the ads. Money from advertisers must be sent to Music Fan Clubs, who will then send the webmaster a check for the full 30% after payment from advertisers.
  • Webmasters who violate this agreement will be de-activated and lose their webmaster privileges with Music Fan Clubs.

Q. Is this a long-term program? Or does it rely on visitor support?

A. Both! Music Fan Clubs is dedicated to this program and we intend (and have the monetary backing of a major corporation) to be around for a long, long time. However, we will modify the marketing and approach for Music Fan Clubs with the popularity or lack of popularity that our programs bring in from visitors.

Think of Music Fan Clubs like an organization. We acquire websites from people and place them on our server for other people to visit and get info. MFC purchases only the best sites available and we provide a high-quality server and expert staff to make sure everyone's visit is smooth and hassle free.

MFC offers webmasters a place to let their creativity run free without the hassles of earning an income to support the site ... we take care of all of that for you.

Q. What are the terms of the "contract"?

A. Essentially, the webmaster agrees that he has created and developed a website dedicated and related to a group or musician that he would like to offer to Music Fan Clubs non-profit organization. This acquisition gives Music Fan Clubs full right over the site's content, design and all names, information, know-how, technology and other intellectual property rights in the site and relating to it (Proprietary Rights). Music Fan Clubs also receives the right to advertise on the site and promote the site (Marketing Rights).

The webmaster agrees to be in good spirits when speaking with visitors of the web site and Music Fan Clubs and to provide forwarding link from old site for a period of 6 months.

Finally, the webmaster agrees not to engage in or consult with any business similar to the artist for whom the fan site was built for a period of three years after the date of the sale. This does not restrict the webmaster from creating similar web sites for other music artists, however.

Music Fan Clubs will give the webmaster full access to modify the site. Access can be denied, however, if webmaster "abandons" the site or doesn't fulfill the terms of the contract.

Q. I am not a US resident and don't have a Social Security Number, is that a problem?

A. We accept English-language sites from all over the world and make payments in US money. For tax purposes, we require only US residents to give us their SSN.

Can I put MP3s on my site?

No. First of all, they require a great deal of space to store them. Secondly, MP3s are in a legal "gray area" right now and we do not wish to enter into that fray right now. We ask that all webmasters refrain from MP3s in order to stay within the "safety zone." When the legal friction ends in the future, we will revisit the question of whether MP3s are allowed on MFC.

Q. How much space will I receive?

A. You can have all the space that you need ... as long as it's not outrageous and that the space you are using is devoted to only your fan site's artist or band and not to personal or commercial ventures.

Q. Am I allowed to leave this program without a charge?

A. Our webmasters are encouraged to remain with their fan sites to maintain them and update them, however there is no obligation for anyone to stay with Music Fan Clubs.

Q. What are the benefits of moving my site to Music Fan Clubs? Are there any costs to me?

A. Music Fan Clubs' webmasters incur NO charges whatsoever through their affiliation with Music Fan Clubs. In fact, it can be a money-making venture for webmasters.
  1. Use of Server Space is FREE.
  2. Since we buy any domain names you have associated with your fan site, WE PAY ALL FUTURE InterNIC CHARGES.
  3. You earn a 10% commission on all sales made from your site on the MacroMusic retail music store. (Read more about the Affiliate Program Here.)
  4. You earn performance bonuses. Depending on how well-maintained your site is, how many subscribers join Music Fan Clubs from your web site, how well you help us market Music Fan Clubs and our associated sites ... you will earn bonuses that can be either cash, products or services.
  5. You earn yearly bonuses. This bonus depends on how well-maintained your site is throughout the year.

Q. What is your criteria for a fan site to be "well-maintained"?

A. Music Fan Clubs defines "well-maintained" as sites that are kept up-to-date and have no broken links. We also ask that the Webmaster respond to any e-mails sent out by Music Fan Clubs within a week. If the webmaster doesn't respond to the second e-mail within a week, then we will consider their site to be abandoned, their FTP access will be suspended, and their webmaster status will be de-activated, which will make them ineligible for performance and yearly bonuses, including income from the MacroMusic Affiliate program.

Q. If I am "de-activated" as a webmaster, can I become "active" again?

A. Of course, there are never any absolutes in this world. If you are de-activated, you will be allowed back onto your site if you ask Music Fan Clubs. Based on the situations of your de-activation, we will determine whether it's viable for us to let you back on as an active webmaster.

Q. Am I required to refer cd and other sales to Macromusic for my artist?

A. Yes. Webmasters need to have links on their discography pages and other pages that have the artist/bands music for listening.

Q. Is Musicfanclubs a non-profit organization?

A. Yes. That's why it's important that webmasters urge visitors and fans to buy music from and to join the VIP program. All sales support the servers that carry out your fan site and the growth of the organization.

Q. Why is there a and a

A. is the free side of the site that anyone can visit and is the VIP version of the site that has faster downloads at peak hours, many fun games, your own email address, discounts on music & games, and much more...

Q. Where can I read the Webmaster Policy.

A. You can read it at

If you did not get your question answered on this page than email Music Fan Clubs at

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