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Toadies Music

-Rubberneck (Interscope, 1994) Songs:  Mexican Hairless, Mister Love, Possum
Kingdom, Away, etc.

-Pleather (Grass, 1993; Interscope, 1997) Songs: Mister Love, Got a Heart,
Ruth, etc. 
-Velvet: (No Label, 1992) Songs: Mister Love, Run In With Dad, Velvet, etc.
-Slaphead: (No Label, 1991) Songs: Away, Remember Bonnie, Got a Heart, etc.

-Dig A Hole/I Hope You Die: (No Label, 1991)
-Santacide Promo: (Interscope)
-Possum Kingdom Promo: (Interscope)
-Possum Kingdom Live Promo: (Interscope)
-Mister Love Promo: (Interscope)
-Backslider Promo: (Interscope)
-Tyler Promo: (Interscope)
-Away Promo: (Interscope)
-Rubberneck Promo: (Interscope)

-Belated Valentines (Not In Love): (Grass, 1995)
-Mister Love: (Grass, 1993)

-Y're Cute: (No Label '95) Songs: Happy Voodoo, Unattractive, etc.
-Chatterbox: (No Label, Date unknown) 

-Burn: (KTS 1996)
-In Concert - New Rock Live: Westwood One '96
-Live From The Pit (Global Satellite Network 1996)

Chairman of the Board: interpretations of songs made famous by Frank Sinatra.
released: 1993
label: Grass Records
song: "Luck be a Lady"
Image: CD Cover

Dallas' Scene, Heard: rare & unreleased tracks compiled by Dallas Observer.
released: 1995
label: Observer Records
song: "Unattractive"
Image: CD Cover

Saturday Morning cartoons' greatest hits
released: 1995
label: MCA records
song: "Goolie Get-Together"
Image: CD Cover

Radio Odyssey presented by WRAS 88.5fm (a radio station out of Georgia State
released: 1996
label: G.S.U (licensed to Ichiban international corp., distributed by CEMA
song: "Cut me Out"
Image: CD Cover

The Cable Guy soundtrack
released: 1996
label: WORK (sony music)
song: unattractive
Image: CD Cover

Basquiat soundtrack
released: 1996
label: Island records
song: I'm not in love
Image: CD Cover

The Crow: City of Angels
released: 1996
label: miramax/hollywood records
song: Paper Dress
Image: CD Cover

ESPN Extreme Games
released: 1995
song: Possum Kingdom

Escape From LA Soundtrack 
released: 1996
label: Lava
song: Cut Me Out
Image: CD Cover

Sandy Does Dallas Soundtrack
Released: 1996
Label: One Ton 
Song: Beauty School Dropout 

Come on Feel the Metal
Released: 1997
label: Steve Records
Song: Cowboy Song
Image: CD Cover

Interscope Records Sampler
Released: 1994
label: Interscope
Song: Backslider

Turn It Up & Pass It On Volume 2
Released: unknown
label: AIM Marketing (???)
Song: Possum Kingdom

Turn It Up & Pass It On Volume 4
Released: unknown
label: AIM Marketing (???)
Song: Possum Kingdom

Turn It Up & Pass It On Volume 5
Released: unknown
label: AIM Marketing (???)
Song: Possum Kingdom