• The Cottonmouth, Texas album "anti-social butterfly" came out last week on Virgin Records/Underground Media. The Toadies did the music for the song "P.E.", which can be found on the album.

  • A compilation called Wonderama featuring covers of one-hit wonders will be released soon and they want to release the Toadies' cover, Cars as a single/video/etc. in October. Actually, seeing how it is now December, who knows when this fucker will be out.

  • The Toadies played an acoustic set for the Q102 Blood Drive at Prestonwood Mall in Dallas On June 24th. They Played 3 songs: Flashram (Brainiac cover), Joey, Let's Go, and Your Day. Click here for pictures from the show.

  • Toadies played a benefit show for Tim from Brainiac at Trees in Dallas on Sunday, June 29th. They performed 17 songs including 11 new songs and 2 brainiac covers. Click here for images and stuff from the show.

  • The Toadies played a show Thursday, June 5th, in Austin, Texas. The benefits from the show went to Jarrel, Texas tornado victims. They played ten of the new songs and one song from Rubberneck.

  • The Toadies EP Pleather has been re-released by Interscope Records. It is now available at MacroMusic.

  • The Toadies were winners in the 1997 Dallas Observer Music Awards for: Best Act Overall; Single Release (Paper Dress); Male Vocalist (Todd Lewis), Songwriter (Todd Lewis) - Click here for the article about them.

  • The Toadies did another surprise show Friday, April the 25th at the Orbit Room. Click here for images and stuff from the show.

  • Saturday, April 19 the Toadies performed the National Anthem before the Fort Worh Fire Hockey game at the Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth, Tx.

  • The Toadies played a surprise set at the Supersuckers show Saturday, April 12 at Trees in Dallas, Tx. Click here for pictures and stuff from the show.

  • The Toadies did a surprise show on Sunday, February 9th at The Impala in Ft. Worth. They performed 5 songs: Hey There Littlefish, Joey, Let's Go, Push the Hand, Waterfall, and Pink.

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