"Local Record Reviews"
By Alex Magocsi, Shannon Dawson, and Devin Pik
Dallas Observer/December 13, 1990

The Toadies have come from Forth Worth to give Deep Ellum a message: Edie's GONE. She split years ago to go on TV and date Paul Simon and make a pile of money. Get on with it. Although singer Todd Lewis says he doesn't hate, and, indeed, doesn't even know, everyone's favorite beatnik princess, Edie as IDEA informs the Toadies' pop, an irresistible melding of chainsaws and Dubble Bubble. In a recurring joke, the liner notes of the Toadies' debut include the sentiment "Noth/anks/toe/die," and "I Hope You Die" ends with singer Todd Lewis howling and chanting D-I-E-E-D-I-E.

The song is an unfortunately catchy mock-gothic screamer with a chorus that you can't help humming to yourself in the aisles at Minyard's, as much as you'd really rather not. The cryptic and self-important lyrics and soberly raw and crunchy guitar are undercut by the menacingly poppy foundation laid by bassist Lisa Umbarger.

Umbarger's influence is even more pronounced on "Dig A Hole", which starts like some sort of Archies/manufactured band tune and continues that way up until Lewis primal screams you get out of your saccharine trance. The lyrics on this one seem a bit more deliberate, too--there's a little man-against-nature-and-God drama happening as Lewis whines, "Like pervert's words, I'm strung together/To make some pervert God feel better." With all of the angst going on in the upper registers of voice and guitar, however, the bass remains unrelentingly bouncy.

There are only two songs on this cassette. Don't bother turning it over or rewinding, because that's all you get. Luckily, the Toadies have stepped up their Dallas activity in the past few months; catching them live is advisable. -- S.D.

"Dig a Hole"/"I Hope You Die," The Toadies
Producer: Todd Lewis
Engineer: Keith Rust
Studio:  Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas
Available in cassette single format only at 
Camp Bowie Sound Warehouse in Forth Worth.

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