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Darkness, as a musical tool, must be used just right. Too much darkness and the results will more than likely be laughably gothic. Too little and an air of fake euphoria creeps in.

Sunna strike the perfect balance with a modern take on rock'n'roll that hints at dread, malice and sudden irreversible violence - but leaven such negative traits with an occasionally pure, pastoral air. Mouthpiece Jon Harris might seem like he's been around the block a few times, but he's relatively new to all this.

Sunna recently signed to Massive Attack's label, but any similarities to past hometown movements stop there. Serrated, edge-of-knife guitar stabbings are mixed with strange ambient melodic burblings on riff-heavy songs. If some old school death metal crew discovered hip-hop and techno, they'd be getting close to what Sunna attempt here - especially when it comes to the hate-filled 'Trading.

The quartet might fancy themselves as political, but the rabid 'Power Struggle' could also describe a relationship and in the long run it seems that Sunna are more concerned with personal politics than the bigger picture. Here are songs which react angrily to the experience of everyday life on an emotional level. Yes, they're dark. But, at the same time, they're just right too.

Dele Fadele

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