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March 19.

From visiting various websites, I have heard rumours that Sunna may be playing this year's T In The Park festival alongside artists such as the Foo Fighters and the excellent Hives. This is still unconfirmed, but I'll inform you of any more news in due course.

March 19. This may seema little irrelevant, but Jon now sports a lovely blonde mohawk which was shown off at the Water Rat's gig last night.
March 19. The names of some of the new Sunna material are as follows: Empty Space, Spider, U Kill Me and God Said. A track was recorded for the Spiderman movie ( presumably Spider ) but wasunfortunately finished too late. for the release.
March 19. Regarding the lineup of Sunna, there has been many speculations as to who is now in the band. Rumours ( I'm not sure if these have been confirmed or not ) are that Shane has left to guitar tech for Muse and the new bassist is Jim Harris. Also, Mark Richardson is strongly rumoured to be leaving Sunna to join Feeder and there is speculation as to whether Flatline has left or not due to his absence from last night's Water Rat's gig.
November 26.

A wee note from Ian posted on the official message board -

ok..ok..ok..we`ve finished writing the album as i said.there is gonna be some tarting up to do and because of all the xmas releases we cant do anything til the new year,the mixing will be done in jan. so the first single(just wait til you hear it.. )will be out in feb. then the album in march..with tour .because of the record company swap we can`t unfortunatley tour in dec.beleive me we are more gutted than you about that one.i`m not allowed to give details as yet on the new company yet,(fuk knows why?but there we go).as far as the rumours surrounding shane and flatline, i can tell you that flatty is still right in there, and yes,i know that shane has been techin 4 muse.shane is our live bass player ,a bit like troy in `a perfect circle` so if he chooses to follow on in his tech`in career or not i dont know ,i haven`t spoken to him for a while as we`ve both been so busy...either way we are all still mates so there will be no problems. as far as the cd roms go , i have a meeting with virgin about that one next week so i`ll let you know then.oh god ...wot else ....oh yeh there is gonna be a whole new website v.soon probably early next year..i think this ones gone a bit shite so any improvment suggestions would be cool...i`m sure there`s gonna be loads.. an album title would be great if anyones got any suggestions aswell and i`m sure it will be possible to mention a few of you loyal fans!!! things with skunk a`s mark have worked out so well, he is the most incredible drummer i`ve ever worked with !i`m really excited about everybody hearing the new band....anyroad i`m trying desperately to answer all your questions ,i`ve probably missed loads out so i`ll post again in a week or so..or you can email me and i`ll try to answer as many as i can. nice one geezes..rokon ian.

November 22. Sunna have now completed the album and have just a few little tweaks to do ( such as mastering etc. ) and have also stated that Sunna have changed their label, to what I don't know. There is also little rumours going around that Mark has left as well, which I don't know if are true or not, and there's also strong rumours about Shane leaving ( he was the Muse tech on their most recent tour, when the new album was being recorded ).
October 22. Rumours have it that Shane-o has left Sunna. I am unsure as to whether this rumour is true or not but I will tell you all once I have news on the subject.
September 1. Ian has confirmed that Sunna are recording with ex. Skunk A. drummer Mark Richardson though on the matter of him being the official new Sunna drummer I cannot say, though it most likely looks like it!
August 7. Sunna have been nominated for 'Best New Band' at this weeks Kerrang! Awards on August the 28th ( my birthday!!! ) so grab yourself a voting paper and bung Sunna in all the columns!
July 22.

Richie will be appearing as stand-in drummer for brit noise merchants EARTHTONE9 after the departure of Simon Hutchby. appearing on the last 2 gigs on their campaign for their third album ARC TAN GENT, you can catch them at the following venues:

24th July - ITALY - Turin - (some large venue).
11th August - ENGLAND - Nottingham - Rock City.

More info at www.earthtone9.com Sorry about the short notice, but it was a sudden decision of extraordinary magnitude.

Also, Richie's own project, still un-named, is coming on well. Quite alot of material to work on now, with a number of labels sniffing around. He says he's quite excited about 2 songs he's been working on over the last week or so. An inside source tells us that it sounding along the FOOS/PUMPKINS/DEFTONES vein. No information about when any samples will be up on the net, but hopefully will coincide with the launch of the website. STAY TUNED!!!

June 28.

Richie posted the following a few days ago on the .co.uk message board -

hey guys. long time no speak. getting my shit together regarding my own stuff now. written a few songs, drove a few trucks, you know the score. working on the site right now. the i see some of you have already visited www.richiemills.com. that's great!! i'll try and get it all sorted soon. me and OWEN from EARTHTONE9 have done some stuff too, but that is also very much in the embryonic stage. keep in touch folks. it's always good to hear from you. P.S. i have NOT joined VEX RED!! me and the boys had a knock-about, but no future work together i'm afraid. check them out at www.vexred.com. they're awesome!! speak soon.

June 3.

Today Richie posted the following on the .co.uk message board -

hi guys. thought i'd stop by as i was told there was alot of talk about me and SUNNA. well, i have to tell you that it is true about my departure. all i can say is that it is dowm to plain old personal differences, which led me to leave the day after the last UK tour finished. i'm sorry for the hassle i have caused to both the rest of the band, and you guys for doing this. i'm sure alot of you, including me, would have enjoyed SUNNA at the festivals this year. i wish SUNNA the best of luck in the future and hope that one day they may forgive me for my action. it was a hard decision to make, and an easy one at the same time. i had much fun over the last 9 months of the world tour and hope that all of the lovely folk that i met on the way will keep in touch (new email address at the top of this). i'm not sure what is on the immediate horizon for me, but i promise to let you know in the near future. once again, i thank you and the band for a great time. you are the champions.

He will be sadly missed.

May 27. According to the jabberings on the .co.uk message board, Sunna should be heading to the studios to record the new album in July this year yet I'm unsure when the album will actually be released.
April 24. Sunna's Five Night Stand performance ( or be it a tiny bit of a performance ) supporting Papa Roach and One Minute Silence was broadcast on MTV2 last night. As I don't have digital, I didn't get to see it but if the performance on MTV2 featured more songs than what's on the MTV website, I would dearly love a copy for the site!!!
April 16. A new compilation album called "the album" is being released and uses one of Sunna's tracks on it. Ain't sure what track it is they're using but get out your piggy banks and go and buy a copy!
April 10. Sunna have now announced new European festival dates in June and have confirmed that they will be playing this year's T In The Park and Carling Weekend festivals in the UK. Plus, don't forget to catch their exclusive live set on the Radio 1 Rockshow on the 8th of May!!!

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