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Not linked?! If you have a Sunna site or know of any, just throw me some mail and I'll bung up a link!


The official UK Sunna site. Isn't updated that often but has lots of cool videos and stuff ( all of which are linked to on my multimedia page, tee-hee )
Sunna's official Melankolic hosted site. Isn't updated that much either plus I've never see that flash netcard thing they promised on their visuals page.


Burning The Wrong Sensation
The first ever Sunna fansite. Is updated frequently and is pretty in-depth. Is usually the first place to find up-to-date news bulletins, tour dates etc. Has just been redesigned and is looking pretty fine.
One Minute Science
A nice Sunna fansite, newly remade because of Homesteads "let's make everyone pay" change. Cool site now with media and loads of reviews, interviews etc. and regular updates.
Kipper's Sunna Page
Lots of Sunna pics including their tour supporting Sona Fariq and Fifth Amendment in November 2000 among other tours. The only place on the web you can find these exclusive live pics.
I'm Not Trading
Another Sunna fansite to come from the depths. This fansite is devoted to all areas of Sunna stuff incl. news, articles, discography etc. Also has a link to me :).


The Raft
Has a small section devoted to Sunna and sometimes even has a free Sunna giveaway.
MTV Online
Barely visible as it's so small. Has a couple of video clips but nothing more than that.
Insanity Pulse
Made by the same person that made the One Minute Science fansite and has a section devoted to Sunna which has reviews, One Minute Science detials etc. Also has loads of info on other bands that aren't being mobbed by trendies. Worth checking out.


IMusic Message Board
A frequent user of this board myself ( I'm Overdose1 ). You may on the odd occasion see Richie post a message. The coolest of the message boards.
Sunna.co.uk Message Board
Not really on this board much either by If I'm there I'll just be using my real name ( Ralph ). A board mostly used by people who are new to Sunna and have just bunged in sunna.co.uk for the crack.


SUNNA Yahoo! Club
Don't really use this board much myself but I do recieve any messages by e-mail. If I'm there, you'll catch me as Sunna6.
OD Yahoo! Club

As above.
Power Struggle Yahoo! Club

As above.
One Conditioning Yahoo! Club

As above.
SUNNA New Religion Yahoo! Club

As above.


NME Online
Online website for the UK music magazine, NME. A great source for up-to-date music news and the latest music headlines. May only do the most popular bands but is still pretty damn good.
Q Online
Online website for the UK music magazine, Q. Don't really know much about this site but check it out!
A cool online shop where you can get a 10% discount if you become a VIP member of Music Fan Clubs!
Richie's new website all about.....well.....himself really. He has news updates so you know what the hell he's doing with his life, images and some sound files of Richie's new ( and most excellent, sounding a bit like Bill and Ted there ) material.
Aereogramme.com Another of my excellently designed sites. Check it out for info on Scotland's finest emo-rock band - Aereogramme, of course!

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