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Viewing The Site - This site is best viewed at a resolution of 800 x 600 and with the latest version of Internet Explorer although I have checked this site with a 1024 x 780 resolution and 800 x 600 is recommended.

Credits - All images on this site ( apart from the images of Sunna ) were constructed by Ralph Mackenzie. All pages constructed by Ralph Mackenzie. Thanks to all my friends and family, Sara from Burning The Wrong Sensation, Nick from Astralwerks, Benedicte for live and unofficial pics, Jack Gilbert for I'm Not Trading US promo scans, Neal Harrison for loads of cool Sunna tabs, Nicco for loads of live pics, everyone who has contributed info to this site and most of all... SUNNA!!!

Extra Stuff - This site was made using Macromedia Dreamweaver 3. All images constructed / edited using a lovely free trial of Paint Shop Pro 7. Please note, this website is not for sale under any circumstances.

Story - Overdose began as a small uninteresting page hosted on this server and at that time didn't even have a name! I uploaded the site before I'd even finished it so it was doomed from the start. I then decided to make a fresh start with a fresh new site. Overdose was born. The only problem was that I didn't realise Xoom had changed to NBCi, thus f**king up the servers. This made loading my site extremely slow and tedious and eventually, I took it down for renovation. V3.0 was a much bigger and better page containing about 150 pages and 200 images altogether. It was hosted on Intelcities until they forced me to take it down a couple of months later 'cause I had a Fastcounter ( eh??? ). I then uploaded V3.0 to 20m.com's server and had loads of problems with the banners in the frames version of my site. With the frames causing too much problems ( and when I had a spare Saturday night ) I created what you see today ( believe it or not ) V4.0. Someday I hope to be able to afford a domain name and a good efficient server ( not that the one that I already I have is bad ). With an ever rising number of visitors, I hope that this site will remain one of the best Sunna fansites along with the other hardworkers that bring Sunna info straight to the comfort of your swivel chair.


Ralph Mackenzie
08 / 28 / 86
North East Scotland ( UK )
E-Mail - sunna@nme.com | Yahoo! - sunna6 | AIM - ralphkenzie | ICQ - 93621728
Musical Interests
Blur, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Sunna, Idlewild, Cable, Placebo, Sunny Day Real Estate, Aereogramme
Fave Sunna Song
One Conditioning
Sunna Gigs
Aberdeen Glow 303, UK - 6th November 2000
Other Gigs
T In The Park Festival, Kinross, UK - July 1999
Foo Fighters, Glasgow Barrowlands, UK - November 1999
Green Day, Glasgow SECC, UK - December 2000
Idlewild, Aberdeen Lemon Tree, UK - 16th August 2001
Aereogramme, Inverness Raigmore Motel, UK - 17th August 2001
Biffy Clyro, Glasgow King Tut's, UK - 12th October 2001
Muse, Edinburgh Corn Exchange, UK - 5th November 2001
Other Websites
Aereogramme.com ( A comprehensive Aereogramme site )
hEMP ( My dead band )
Personal Links
DiRtBoX ( My cousin's band ), Milne's High School ( My High School ), Boduum ( My brother's old band )

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