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The sinister hard rock band Sunna hails straight out of Londonís backroads. A veteran to the business, founder Jon Harris has pursued musical success since he graduated from high school. Harris tried his luck in two other bands before collaborating with Flatline (DJ), Richie Mills (drummer), Shane Goodwin (bassist), and friend Ian McLauren (lead guitarist).

All four members had previous experience with live performance. McLauren had teamed up with Harris years before for his first band, and reunited with him for the formation of Sunna. Ten years experience back up DJ Flatline, whoís responsible for the background noises and the atmospheric control of the songs. Richie Mills was a former drummer for the UK band Cable and prior to joining Sunna, toured both England and the UK extensively. The newest member of the group, bassist Shane Goodwin, hails from the land down under. Hearing through the musical grapevine that Sunna was looking for a bassist, Goodwin jumped at the chance to audition and immediately clicked with the group. The band was complete.

Being the primary songwriter of the group, Harris portrays the dark side of personalities by connecting with anger and expressing it through song. In 1999 the five musicians began recording their debut album, One Minute Silence, which was released on Massive Attack's Melankolic label in 2000.

The aggressive abrasiveness of the album noticeably portrays the singerís inspirations.

Carly Iappini

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