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1. How would you describe your music in three words?
emotional, powerful, true

2. Who or what are your influences and why?
we are an influence to each other. we believe in a family unit. it's the way all bands should be.

3. What subjects and topics are your lyrics related to?
mainly jons personal experience.

4. What kind of audience is your music aimed at?
anyone who can be bothered to listen despite of what they are told about it.

5. How did you all first get into the alternative scene?
we've all been involved in music and alternative bands for many years collectively. it's was just a matter of time.

6. How did you all meet and form Sunna?
as above, it was a matter of coincidence/fate that brought us all together. jon and ian have known each other for many years. they did most of the legwork regarding the album, then they went looking for a live band. we all just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

7. Are you in the business for the fame and fortune,or is it about something else?
it would be nice to earn a living out of it, but grass-roots loving it for the fun of it is the main reason.

8. When you see bands like Cradle of Filth and Slipknot, do you think they're taking things a bit too far??
no. every band is individual (except for a few), and reserve the right to express that individuality in their own way.

9. If given a choice, who would you most like to go on tour with?
i personally would love to tour with TOOL. they're the best band i've ever heard. 100% true to themselves. no comprimise

10. Are you heavy beer drinkers, or are you tucked up in bed at ten o'clock with a nice cup of tea?
tea, naturally ;o)

11. What are your day jobs?
being in a rock band.

12. What are your views on the current position of NAPSTA and the like?
evolution. it's bigger than all of us. you either have to except it or............except it.

13. Who are you all and what do you do?
jon harris - vocals/guitar
ian maclaren - guitar
flatline - decks/samples
richie mills - drums/samples
shane goodwin - bass

14. Do you all have partners or kids in your lives?
jon has a partner and a great little boy. the rest of us are just partnered.

15. What has been the best moment in your life so far (to all)?
walking onstage in front of 17,000 kids in paris on the smashing pumpkins tour.

Interview answers by RICHIE MILLS

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