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Jon Harris - Vocals / Guitar
Ian Maclaren - Guitar
Shane Goodwin - Bass
Mark Cahill ( Flatline ) - DJ
Richie Mills - Drums

"Someone once said to me that you can only consider yourself a proper songwriter if you write at least one song a week," says Jon Harris. "What a load of bollocks. I can go up to six months without writing anything. Real life goes by, I get on with things and keep myself busy. But then I get really pent-up, and a song can burst out of me in 20 minutes flat, done and dusted. Does that make me not a proper songwriter, then?"

Jon Harris is the voice and visionary behind Sunna, perhaps the most unpredictable, and most illuminating band to come out of the UK in a very long time. Even though Jon contributed guitar to Massive Attack's Mezzanine album and was subsequently signed to their Melankolic imprint, Sunna's imminent debut album, One Minute Science, has little to do with trip-hop.

One Minute Science is a malevolent, dark, and sinister post-millennial rock album, brooding with savage intent and ravaged passion. Aggressive guitars melt into looped beats and staccato rhythms, while the vocals are so tight, so taut, you could practically chew on them.

Harris has spent several years honing his craft and finding the right musicians. One Minute Science is the culmination of this journey.

"Well, I grew up on AC/DC and Neil Young. I was a big fan of Soundgarden, and in terms of genuine talent, Kurt Cobain will always remain untouchable as far as I'm concerned."

Some history on Jon. After high school, he went travelling. First stop, Norway, where he and a prospective writing partner went to write songs. Instead, they discovered beer and countless local bars. A year later, he went to Israel and joined a kibbutz. "Fucking hard work for no money, basically" is how he remembers it. There, he worked less than he partied, got into fights, and spent at least five hours in jail on a disorderly conduct charge.

After coming home and forming his first band, several years of false starts and frustrations followed. This only served to strengthen Jon's will. Like John Lydon before him, Jon Harris sees anger as energy. It quickly becomes apparent that this is a very singular talent, fuelled by a self-belief that isn't easily dampened.

"I think a lot of my songs are quite uplifting, but they are inspired by, shall we say, dark events. Anger is a great motivation for songwriting - come to think of it, drugs are pretty effective, too."

Besides Jon, there are four other members in Sunna. As the band's DJ, and purveyor of his craft for the past 10 years in London, Flatline is responsible for the additional noises and atmospherics surrounding the music. Richie Mills, the band's drummer, was formerly a four year member of the UK band, Cable. The band toured both England and the US extensively before Richie left to join Sunna last year. Lead guitarist Ian MacLaren has been with John Harris the longest, initially as a member of Jon's first band, and then he joined Jon for the creation of Sunna. Hailing from Australia, bassist Shane Goodwin is the most recent addition to Sunna. A die-hard surfer, Shane heard about Sunna looking for a bassist so he put down his board and picked up his bass and hopped on a train to London to try out. He and the band immediately clicked and he was asked to join the band.

The name Sunna - which has multiple connotations, some of which Jon will speak about and some of which he won't - represents faith without religion. "Which kind of sums me up perfectly," he says. "I'm not religious at all, but I am spiritual. Everything seems to be clicking into place now, and although it's taken a while to get here, it feels right. I've progressed on a very natural course, and faith and belief have got me where I am today."

This approach seems to be paying off, even before the album's release, fans are turning up everywhere. Legendary rock photographer, Anton Corbijn, was so taken by One Minute Science, that he requested to shoot Sunna right away. Now, shit-hot director, Paul Verhoeven, has tapped the mighty and muscular "Power Struggle" for a key scene in his new film, "Hollow Man". How does Harris view his impending stardom? "Whatever comes my way," he says, "I'm up for it."

Biography courtesy of Sunna's Melankolic site

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