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news updated October 10th, 2000
Whats Coming Soon?

The new layout will be here soon, probably will be done at the end of this month. So stay tuned till then. New album update

Static-X are now looking to hit the studio in November/December with producer Ulrich Wild (Taproot, Powerman 5000) to begin recording their next album which is expected out in April 2001 through Warner Bros. Records. A handful of tracks have been written so far, of which known tentative titles include: "Burn" "It Is Not" "Permanence" On an interesting side note, it looks as though band frontman Wayne Static will cutoff t his trademark spiked hair when the second albums rolls around.

New Static-x Home Video

It looks like the static x home video will be coming out this fall, i will have more news on this soon.

Old Album News

Static-X have now confirmed that producer Ulrich Wild will produce their upcoming new album for which they are currently writing songs for while on the road and so far have finished up around 7 songs. The new album is set to feature a more techno style as opposed to the industrial direction of their last album. The band intends to hit the studio to officially begin recording in November with expectations to release it in April 2001 through Warner Bros. Records. Tentative songtitles for the album include: "It Is Not" and "Permanence". Rumors of the track "Head", which was originally set to show up on the "Titan A.E." soundtrack, showing up on the new album have also come up, but have yet to be confirmed. It is unknown as to why the track did not show up on the soundtrack as was previously expected.

We Need Your Help

Soon we will be making a fan section, so please send us concert pictures, concert stories, anything to do with you, the fan. We will then put it up and have your name for the credit. Send all your "fan stuff" Here and be sure to check back to see if the fan section is up yet. We are also going to have tabs and interviews soon.

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