(James Yoshinobu Iha)
Vocals, Lead guitar
Born 3/26/68 in Chicago
High School: Elm Grove Village High School
College: Loyola University Chicago (didn't finished)
Marrital Status: Single (maybe)
Musical Influences: Syd Barrett, Big Star, the Rolling Stones, Gram Parsons, Neil Young, Morricone, the Who.
Influence of Lyrics: Pain, violence, and love
Favorite Musicians: My Bloody Valentine, Chainsaw Kittens, Thin Lizzy, Skunk, Mercury Rev
Favorite Songwriters: Kevin Shields and Belinda Butcher, Gram Parsons, Neil Young, Kurt Cobain, and John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
Favorite Albums: Pussy Galore: Sugar Shit Sharp and My Bloody Valentine: Isn't Anything.
Favorite Movies/TV shows: The Thing, Manhattan, Star Trek: the Next Generation and Fawlty Towers
Pets: a dog named Bugg Superstar (appears in the Gish linear and on Viaphoria)