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This section I'll be posting loyal fans' dedications to Semisonic. You can submit anything you want (i.e. Artwork, poems/songs, loving words, etc.)
Just email me with your dedication, and I'll post it up ASAP.


Artwork by Mandy - NbdyLikeU@aol.com    Artwork by Sophi    Artwork by Mandy    Artwork by Mandy

"I was able to view [the drawing] quite well, and I must say it's a passable likeness. Good work." - Dan Wilson

Favorite Quotes

"I'm as funky as it gets." - Dan Wilson

"If you see a pair of feet sticking out of snowbanks in Minneapolis, it's probably John" - Dan Wilson

"It's a great city, with great people, but it's just too damn cold. Maybe if we put the whole place on wheels and move South..." - Jake Slichter

"You're not going to wear those shoes are you Dan?" - John Munson

"I got soul. I'm superbad." - John Munson

"John is like an 8 ft. bear." - Matt Wilson
"Except 6 1/2 ft." - Dan Wilson

SN/Email Dedications

Know how most of the time you can choose your own screen names or email address? Well, these people have made the choice to make their email and screen names a part of Semisonic. Here they are!

• Sarah's dedication - SMISNIC430
• Mandy's old screen name (no longer in use) - ILuvSemisnc
• Andrea's dedication - SemiLaugh "Because I like Semisonic and I like to laugh."
• Jestine's dedication - JetiStar "I LOVE SEMISONIC!!!"
• Robyn's dedication - ScrtSmile1
• Kari's dedication - ILoveSemisonic "we got [to the semisonic concert] sat down then the opening band came on they started playing I was like OMG they are GREAT!!!!!!Who is this?I love them all ready!!" Kari's first experience with Semisonic