Rage Against the Machine Words

"Check 1, 2. Good evening, we're Rage Against the Machine from Los Angeles, California."


Here's an intro to Bullet in the Head:
Zapatista speech in Bullet in the Head at Tibetan Freedom Concert:
Another view of Christmas, at the KROQ Acoustic X-mas show:

Zack's speaks out on Leonard Peltier before Bombtrack

This one's from 02/02/93 in Stockholm at the Melody, before "Bullet In the Head":
This one's from a show in Philadelphia, PA at J.C. Dobbs, say's this during the "through counter intelligence" part in "Wake Up":
Before "Without a Face" from Live and Rare:
Philadelphia, PA at the Electric Factory, Mumia Benefit
The famous speech on 02/02/93 Stokholm at the Melody.

Other Things

Zack's general statement regarding males showing disrespect towards females at Rage shows during the late '99 "Battle of Los Angeles" tour:

Zack's general response to the Fraternal Order of Police's charges that Rage supports "cop-killers":

Tom Morello's mom introduces Rage

Here's Zack getting mad at the crowd during Settle for Nothing in Italy:
Zack gets mad at the light guys again:
Right before Vietnow:
This is an article about tension from a Rage concert:
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