Rage Against the Machine Biographical

Timothy Commerford: Bass

Timothy Commerford, Timmy C., Tim Bob, Simmering T, y.tim.k, and tim.COM are some of Tim's aliases, and I'm sure we can expect new names as time goes on. His father is aeronautics/space engineer, who works on the space shuttle; His mother a mathematician who died from brain cancer when Tim was 20 years old. His father divorced, and re-married after she got cancer, and the family kindof disinigrated after that. Tim listens to Inside Out, (Zack's first band), and has an appreciation for jazz and jazz bassists. He's plays the upright bass more than his electric bass in his spare time, though of course he is well practiced on the electric, as is apparent when he played with Rage. He vents his feelings through poetry, writing, and drawings. He has a certain hatred for police, due to the way they treat people, and he's drawn pictures of what he'd like to do to them. They are too horrible, he once said, and it scares him because it's a side of him that doesn't usually come out. So, maybe someday, he'll release some of his work. He enjoys flag football to quite an extensive degree, and even got other members of the band involved. He says that he's happy to be alive.

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