Bombtrack Remix

Bombtrack remix, accoustic, night session whatever. bass tab.
tabbed by

standard tuning (E,A,D,G)

hey all you aspiring Smmering Ts.  heres the bassline to the other version of 
bombtrack. i've done my best to make it as easy as possible to understand. if 
you have any questions email me or instant message me. each part of the 
bassline is here; just listen to the song to understand where each part goes. 
i'm pretty sure this is every bit of bass in the song.

at 00:17 the bass enters:

line 1            

occasionally playing: 

at 1:06:

this is the root of what the guitar is playing in the very beginning of the 
song . (the intro before bass enters)

|------------------------------         |-----------------------
|------------------------------  OR |----0--2--------------
|-----5--7--------------------          |-2---------------------
|--7---------0-----x---xx----       |----------0---x---xx--

it goes back to line 1 at 2:17. (i've put in all the times because its hard 
to hear it)

if you want, you can play this at 2:52:

|---7-slide off to 0-----

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