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Mexico City Broadcast, Australian Release, Etc - 10-25-99

On Friday, November 5th at 11pm ET, MTV will broadcast a one hour "special live performance" from Rage's show in Mexico City that from the 27th of October.

"The Battle of Los Angeles" was released in Australia yesterday, and includes a 13th track - "No Shelter", taken from the Godzilla soundtrack. If you pre-ordered the tape, you get the free Australia promo tape that includes "Calm Like a Bomb", "Clear the Lane", and "Hadda be Playin on the Jukebox". "No Shelter" appears to confirm the legitimacy of "import" status -- basically so people will be the Australian version.

The "People of the Sun" video (from Evil Empire) is being aired again on "The BOX" music network as part of their Halloween promotion.

Alec Empire from Atari Teenage Riot said in a web chat that he would be working on a project with Zack de la Rocha this coming April. More info on that as it developes. (Thanks to Muid!)

Guerrilla Radio debuts on TRL, Rage in-stores - 10-23-99

The first single "Guerrilla Radio" from Rage's new album debuts on Total Request Live on Monday, October 25th.

Rage is doing some in-stores to promote the album and connect with fans. Here are some confirmed dates/locations:

Nov. 1&2 - Washington DC
Midnight-2am: Tower Records, 2000 Pennsylvania ave

Nov. 3 - New York
6-8pm: Virgin Megastore - Times Square, 1520 Broadway

Nov. 4 - Boston
7-9pm: Tower Records - downtown

Nov. 6 - Los Angeles
3:00-5:00pm: Virgin on Sunset

Zack Fights War, Fucks Norm - 10-20-99

On the latest Kerrang with Slipknot on the cover, there's a pretty big article on Rage but it's all politics.† A cynical skeptical interviewer does his best to discredit Rage's Political relevance.† He's good too, but Morello never faltered...he even dissed the interviewer a couple times too. Anyway, during the interview while talking about how they have "concrete evidence" of mattering, Tom lets it slip that when Zack went down to Chiapas, he literally ran weapons for the Zapatistas... afterwards when confronted with what he said, Morello dodges the comment.†

Thanks to J. for this info.

The major record store in Finland is presumably releasing "The Battle of Los Angeles" Friday, Oct. 29th.

Tom Morello is in the latest issue of Guitar World. I'll have the article typed up soon, but for now, Adam has put up some pictures from the feature on his website. They are: Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4. Tom is looking almost comically communist in these images. I appreciate.

Mumia Abu-Jamal - 10-19-99

Mumia Abu-Jamal's second death warrant was signed Wednesday by Pennnsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, and his execution is set for Dec. 2 by lethal injection. There is still the chance for appeals to be made to the federal court, but action must be taken to prove their legitimacy. Mumia represents a unity of activism, and everyone needs to organize and band together to ensure that Mumia gets a fair trial. The government is trying to use Mumia's execution as an example to show that political and social dissidence will not be tolerated. These tactics are the ones that continue to oppress us. If you are concerned, contact Friends and Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal, check out www.mumia.org and get some information on how to join organization in your community, or start your own. Numbers matter, and our voices must be heard. Check out the Habeas Petition filed Friday to the Supreme court by clicking here. Organization is already taking place in most large cities, and if not, it is simple for you to start some. Contact Refuse & Resist here.

Rage is playing Philadelphia on Dec. 2nd. Correlation?

Rock for Life responses, tour dates - 10-16-99

If you took time to write Rock for Life about their article that systematically denounces Rage, they most likely sent the following generic letter, or a close facsimile thereof:

I respect RATM as people & musicians.† If you visit their website
http://www.ratm.com/action/index.html you will notice they support
abortion (Rock For Choice & Refuse & Resist!), anti-christian bigotry
(Refuse & Resist!), & freedom for a convicted cop killer (Refuse &
Resist! & Friends of Mumia).† These are the facts that you can not
deny.† RATM do good deeds but they are not the defense of the atrocities
stated above.

RATM was never stated as the "cause" for Columbine.† That is absurd. 
When you grow up in a world that teaches that life has no value
(abortion, Neitchze, evolution), is it no wonder that kids go around
shooting other kids.

Peculiar logic. New tour dates have been posted on the tour section of RATM.com - check them out!

Les Claypool on Tom Morello - 10-13-99

Here's some words from Primus frontman Les Claypool concerning Tom Morello's involvement with some new songs on Primus' new album:

"Mama Didnít Raise No Fool": Tom Morello plays the intro. Thereís definitely something to be said for playing with a guy whoís as strong a musical presence as Tom, who may be the best guitarist Iíve ever played with. Usually the other guys write to support my part but this was his riff, so I wrote my parts to support it. Thatís rare for a Primus song; of the hundred-odd songs weíve done over the years, thereís only a handful that arenít built around my bass line. I use my fretted Carl Thompson 6.

"Power Mad": Another prime example of Tom Morelloís groove -- he just nailed it all together. Usually the groove role is either mine or Brainís, but here all of a sudden someone else was doing it. Even if we made a slight mistake while we were recording, Tom would just power through it with his groove. I used my Carl Thompson 6.

Rock For Life, Rage in Chicago, Much Music - 10-12-99

Anti-abortion organization "Rock for Life" posted a ridiculous anti-Rage article here. Read it and be delighted with the hilarity of the Christian right.

Rage Against The Machine will perform on November 26th at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois.† Tickets for the concert go on sale October 16th,†this upcoming Saturday.

Rage was on Much Music a while back, here's Andrew Hall's summary:

Direct Quotes

Sook Yin Lee: What does the actual title, The Battle of Los Angeles, refer to?
Tom Morello: The title is sort of intentionally ambiguous, but the impression the world has of Los Angeles is the one given by Hollywood, it's Oscar-night, and it's inaccurate, and it's one small slice of the pie. I think there is a constant battle in L.A. going on just under the surface, and there's huge divisions of race and class. RATM is a unique product of that city, a band that couldn't have happened anywhere else.

Sook Yin Lee: Do you think it's rising to a critical mass?
Tom Morello: I don't know if it's rising toa critical mass, I think it's always almost at critical, and as the L.A. riots have shown, it's always one white cop shooting one innocent black guy away from exploding again.

Sook Yin Lee: It took a year to make this album, was it easy or hard?
y.TIM.k: I think it was easy, we used the same process as the last one. We got together and had fun. We played flag football and had a PlayStation going, so that at a drop of a hat we could go have fun. It was hard to tear away from the fun, 'cause we had, like, $20 games going.
Tom Morello: We played until our wallets were empty.

Random Facts

  • Tom "hears" new sounds, doesn't try to think "ok, what's a new wacky powerdrill sound?"
  • One of Tim's biggest challenges was overcoming "the idea of taking 4 years to make a record."
  • Tim sees the band as an educational family.
  • The band agrees on politics more than musical styles.
  • The band respects the fans if the fans respect each other.
  • Tom sees RATM's audience as intelligent, not "empty glasses that we fill up."
  • Tim thinks Rage gives kids a "new point of view" that will last long after Rage is gone.
  • New song "Voice of the Voiceless" is "partly by Mumia".
  • Tom sees the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P) boycotting as a method of drawing attention away from things like police brutality.
  • The F.O.P is also boycotting jazz/hiphop artist Everlast.
  • Tom sees groups like the F.O.P as groups that were formed to preserve wealth/power/privelage, and not "the people".
  • When Tom says he's proud to be American, he refers to the Martin Luther King Jr./Malcolm X aspect of America
  • Tom doesn't like "bubblegum pop" music, but doesn't like to "rain on the parade" of the kids that do like it. Rage's first show had "5 1/2" songs. The audience like them so much, they played the set again.

More "Guerrilla Radio" video news - 10-9-99

From MTV.com's news archives:

This week, Rage will be in Los Angeles shooting the video for its new single, "Guerilla Radio," with the husband-wife directing team of Laura Kelly and Nicholas Brooks, who are also known as "Honey." Brooks shared an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects earlier this year for the Robin Williams-Cuba Gooding, Jr. film, "What Dreams May Come."

Current plans call for the clip to touch upon several political issues, including the exploitation of garment workers. The "Guerilla Radio" video will also feature scenes in which the group performs on a white stage, a takeoff of the popular "Gap" ads currently permeating the airwaves.

I've also recieved word that KITS 105.3 San Francisco is saying that the video will be filmed this Sunday at the Coachella music festival. I do not know if this is completely valid. We will find out soon enough.

Lots of News - 10-7-99

Mumia Abu-Jamal's appeal to the supreme court was denied this week. Zack had this to say: "Hope sometimes exceeds expectations. We were not shocked, but extremely disappointed in the Supreme Court's denial of Mumia Abu-Jamal's appeal. But it assigns us to the fact that Mumia's life will only be defended on the streets and that the Supreme Court's silence must not be met with more silence, but action." Check out Mumia.Org for info on how to help the movement to free Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Pictures from the Roseland Ballroom show have been posted on a website created by Christopher Wilkes. It's a good project, so check it out here. I also have recieved word that Zack had food poisoning, hence the short set at the Roseland show.

Rage's set from the Tibetan Freedom Concert will be aired on HBO's "Reverb" on November 2nd.

Rage's video for "Guerrilla Radio" will be a spoof of GAP ads. Check this e-mail out (acquired by DReese7@aol.com:

> Date: Sat, 02 Oct 1999 05:12:39 -0800
> Subject: Victories in Gap Campaign!
> From: "Leila Salazar" 

3. Rage Against the Machine and Visibility Campaign

Rage Against the Machine is coming out with a new album and wants to 
base their next video on Saipan Sweatshops and the Gap Campaign. We 
got calls from their producer and the casting director for the video. 
The video will include Rage, clips of Saipan sweatshops, protests, and 
clips of spoofs of Gap's commercials, which will have actual garment 
workers instead of hip kids singing Beatle's songs.

I don't know when this video will be released.

Rage Against the Machine's music is being boycotted by yet another group (on top of the Fraternal Order of Police): "Rock for Life". Their website (with a message board) is at www.rockforlife.org.

The 3-song Australian promo tape for the new album is available if you live in Australia and pre-order "The Battle of the Los Angeles" at any HMV store.

Thanks to: Eric Domond, Michael Mullens, Thttk18@aol.com, Damian B., HŚkon Bragge, and Sung.

Rage on MuchMusic - 10-3-99

Rage Against The Machine will be in MuchMusic's "Environment" for an interview, Wednesday Oct. 6† at 4PM.

Check out reviews of Roseland Ballroom show in reviews section. Listen to a real audio interview with Brad: Part 1, Part 2.

Rage on MTV's Total Request Live, Australian Promo - 10-1-99

Rage will appear on MTV's "Total Request Live" on November 3rd.

A promo cassette for the new album was released if you pre-order the album in Australia, apparently. The tracklisting is:

1. Calm Like A Bomb
2. Clear The Lane [Recorded by Radio 3FM, Hilversun - Holland]
3. Hadda Be Playing On The Jukebox (live) [recorded live at Detroit, MI., July 1993]

I don't know how to get this; So don't ask. Check the articles section for a new interview with Brad from Australia. (Different from the JJJ interview)

"Guerrilla Radio" is available for download on RealJukebox. Download it here. "Testify" will be released on RealJukebox October 12th.

Brad Wilk Interview from Australia - 9-28-99

A national radio station in Australia, 2JJJ, hosted a brief interview with Brad Wilk last night (interview by Caroline Trahn). He was in Australia promoting the new album. The main points in the interview were:

Thanks to Julie Nolan and Shane Klaassen.

Public Enemy/Rage, Rage on Letterman, club show dates - 9-28-99

Public Enemy will be opening for Rage at the Roseland Ballroom show on October 2nd. This adds to relations between the two musical acts, as Rage and Public Enemy might remake "Prophets of Rage" - a song from Public Enemy's "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" album.

Rage will appear on The Late Show With David Letterman -- their first appearance on the show ever -- in an unconventional manner the day the new album is released. Rage will bring their upcoming single, "Guerrilla Radio," to the streets of New York in an outdoor stage set-up in midtown Manhattan.

In addition, dates are now firmed up for the band's other "secret" club gigs in Washington, D.C. (Oct. 31) and Los Angeles (Nov. 5) (which will be broadcast live on KROQ). The band will also play a gig in Mexico City on Oct. 27 that will eventually be carried to MTV, as well as the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif. on Oct. 10.

Rage Webcast, Real JukeBox songs - 9-27-99

The songs "Guerrilla Radio" and "Testify" will be available for download on Real JukeBox in early October - an entire month before the November 2nd release date of "The Battle of Los Angeles".

There will be a live webcast of the Toronto show on the 6th of October on HMV.com at 9pm ET.

Rage on Conan - 9-26-99

According to RockOnTV.com, Rage Against the Machine will appear on "Late Night with Conan O' Brian" on Thursday, November 11, 1999. This is the second network television apperance Rage will do to promote the new album; The first being The Late Show with David Letterman" on Tuesday, November 2nd, 1999.

- Thanks to Nazim M. for this info.

Toronto Club Show - 9-25-99

Tickets are being given away free at the Molson Ampitheater box office starting at noon today for a show at The Phoenix, on Oct. 5 in Toronto, Canada.†102.1 "The Edge" is paying for all tickets.

Album Title Announced, Guerilla Radio, Etc., etc... - 9-25-99

The title of the new Rage Against the Machine album will be "The Battle of Los Angeles". The album is to be released November 2nd.

Guerilla Radio debuted on K-Rock today at about 5pm. It is already the number one requested song at the radio station.

Rage will be appear on David Letterman Nov 2.,†and at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square NYC Nov 3. They are also supposedly going to appear on Conan O'brien, but I'm not sure if it's confirmed.

The Spitfire tour is kicking off (Zack co-founded it) - read about it here.

Rage is announcing a Toronto show tomorrow at 11am. Listen to 102.1 for info, if you live in that area.

Epic Records has put up a new Rage site. The address is: www.epicrecords.com/ratm.

"The Battle of Los Angeles" will be released November 15th in the United Kingdom.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me this huge amount of e-mail. There were much too many to list, but keep it coming!

Random Bits of Information - 9-24-99

Tim (y.tim.k) was recently in Austrilia doing some serious downhill biking, as well as promoting the new album. Since the woman who claims Zack has been stalking her for the past 3 years lives in Austrilia, it seemed fitting that he would talk about it:

"All I know was that he was at home when all of that was going down, so it couldn't have been him, but when I heard about it, I called him up and said, 'I could have sworn I saw some dreadlocks hanging out of the plants in my backyard. Were you in my backyard? Are you stalking me?' I left that message on his machine."

Anyway, K-Rock is naming themselves "Guerilla Radio" Friday in "honor" (?) of the new Rage single.

New Album Track Listing Released, Sony RealJukebox... - 9-23-99

The new Rage album, still untitled, being released November 2nd, will contain the following tracks:

1. "Testify"
2. "Guerilla Radio"
3. "Calm Like A Bomb"
4. "Mic Check (Once Hunting, Now Hunted)"
5. "Sleep Now In The Fire"
6. "Born of A Broken Man"
7. "Born As Ghosts"
8. "Maria"
9. "Voice Of The Voiceless"
10. "New Millennium Homes"
11. "Ashes In The Fall"
12. "War Within A Breath"

"Guerilla Radio" will hit the airwaves October 5th, and be available for purchase October 12th. | Thanks to Gary Udle for this info

Sony is also offering two tracks from Rage's forthcoming album, as well as 1 unreleased live track on "Real Jukebox". Read about it here. Here's some exerpts:

"...Sony Music Entertainment's Epic Records plans to offer RealJukebox users in October the ability to download three music tracks from Rage Against The Machine: two tracks from the group's forthcoming album and one unreleased live track.

"Rage Against The Machines fans who buy the band's new album will also be able to download a fourth track -- not available on the album -- through a RealJukebox technology allowing them to connect the CD to a private Web site. "This Internet promotion represents a great opportunity for Rage fans everywhere to connect with the band and experience a special preview of the forthcoming album," said Polly Anthony, president of Epic Records Group."

Go here for the official info, and what to do. | Thanks to Leo Ross and Brian Kass for this info!

Rage playing Roseland Ballroom Oct. 2nd - 9-22-99

Rage is playing a show at the Roseland Ballroom in New York on October 2nd in preparation for the Coachella festival October 10th. K-ROQ is sponsoring the show. Roseland Ballroom is at: 239 W 52ND ST., NYC. Show starts at 8:00PM. Tickets go onsale ( TickerMaster) September 24 at 4:00p.m. There is a two ticket limit.

Thanks to Alan and Jayce for that info. | Also, there's a brief article previewing the new album in Rolling Stone magazine. There's also a slight chance of Rage being on the COVER of Rolling Stone the week the new album is released...here's the article:

Studio Time Rage Against The Machine

"It's some of the funkiest shit that a rock band has laid down in history," says Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello of his band's as-yet-untitled album, out November 2nd. He's right. The new record is a compact killing-machine of twelve songs, clocking in at just over forty-five minutes. In the past, Rage's sound focused on Morello's guitar flamboyance and frontman Zack de la Rocha's acid vocals. This time, drummer Brad Wilk and bassist Y.tim.K up the funk to a new level. Songs like "Sleep Now in the Fire" and the first single, "Guerilla Radio," throb with Wilk's crash-n'-bash and Y.tim.K's deep groove.

Band relations have always been chaotic, but during the recording - which took place in L.A. and Atlanta with producer Brendan O'Brien - a newfound peace and love took hold. "The North Star of this record was a realization that our chemistry is what propels the process," says Morello. "It's easy to get bogged down in the petty differences. But above that is the tremendous thing we do together and only together. This is home."

Also: "Uncompromising, hard, funky. This record frightens me." (Tom Morello on the new album) | Thanks to Jason Joye for this information!

Rage Chat Scheduled Day Before Album is Released - 9-20-99

From www.twec.com:

With a new album due out in early November, this popular alternative metal band will be here live on Monday, November 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET to take questions from fans - an event you won't want to miss! And don't forget to pre-order the new single, Guerilla Radio, from their currently untitled newest album.

Also, NIN mastermind Trent Reznor has expressed positive opinion of Rage Against the Machine. Here's an exerpt from an interview:

Q: There are also the changes in the pop climate since the last album. Weíre going through a period when audiences donít want to be challenged. Lots of other acclaimed bands from the early í90s, including Pearl Jam and the Smashing Pumpkins, have seen their fan base erode dramatically. Did that worry you?

A: Not to sound like a pompous ass, but I was watching bits of [this yearís] Woodstock on TV and . . . it just seemed like nobody really cared--the bands didnít care, the fans didnít care. Well, not entirely. There was Rage Against the Machine. Thatís a band that is into more than just what clothes they are wearing. . . . But I just donít feel much depth out there. I think anything that is dangerous and exciting about rock music has moved over to rap or to hip-hop.

Just an interesting tidbit, I thought. Also, You can preorder "Guerrilla Radio" at CDnow.com. It is released October 12th.

Promo for New Album - 9-13-99

There was only ONE promo released to promote the new album. Here's the info:

Artist: Rage Against the Machine
Title: "...from los angeles, california"
Running time: 36:13
Recorded live January 23, 1999 at The Troubador in Hollywood, California.

1)† Killing In The Name
2)† Bulls On Parade
3)† Bombtrack
4)† Freedom
5)† No Shelter
6)† Down Rodeo
7)† The Ghost of Tom Joad
8)† People Of The Sun

Promotional limited edition of 1000 copies (all lack numbers).

New single being released Oct. 5 - 9-10-99

The first single from the new Rage record due out Nov. 2nd will be "Guerrilla Radio" released on October 5th.

Also, Tim's name for the 3rd album will be "y.tim.k".

Rage playing club shows/metal competitions - 9-10-99

From AllStar:

As a way to hype the Nov. 2 release of their still-untitled third album, the four members of Rage Against the Machine are set to play a short run of club shows over the next couple weeks, including one this Monday (Sept. 13) in London.

Tickets for that show, which will be held at the London WC2 Astoria, sold out within a few minutes of going on sale last Saturday (Sept. 4), according to a spokesperson for the venue. It will be Rage's first headlining U.K. show in more than three years, as well as their first concert since an appearance in Hawaii last month (allstar, Aug. 5).

Rage (vocalist Zack de la Rocha, guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Bob, drummer Brad Wilk) is also expected to soon play two or three more club shows at as-yet-unknown locales, though details of the possible hush-hush gigs were unavailable at press time.

Morello tells allstar the whole purpose of these shows is to get people excited about the band's new record. "We'll just sort of show up and play," he says. "They're kind of 'hype everyone up' club dates."

allstar experienced one of Rage's pre-show rituals while in Hawaii, when Morello held what could very well be the first of a series of guitar talent contests between members of the band's crew. After Rage soundchecked, two of the band's roadies matched guitar wits on a succession of heavy metal cover tunes, while Morello played along on Tim Bob's bass.

"It was an axe-master contest between Martin my guitar tech -- known as Slim -- and Ford our bass tech -- known as Hot Buttered Ford -- which we had been talking about doing for some time," recalls Morello.

"During soundchecks they often do some jamming, so we thought we would settle it once and for all with a winner-take-all guitar slug fest," he continues. "Sort of Rage Against the Machine hosts Star Search. It was a pay-per-view event, as everyone from the band and crew who were watching were judges as well, and there was a $5 or $10 admittance fee to be a member of the judges pool. That money has been set aside to purchase an appropriate gift for Slim, the metal champion."

Morello says that the first time was so much fun, these contests might become part of Rage's road life.

"The reaction was so great," he says with a laugh, "and speaking as the promoter of the event, we may try to get a bracketed competition going on in the future. Slim has already won a competition, so he wears the championship belt right now. There are some other crew people who may step up in the future. When we have a proper tour we have a bigger crew so the pool will grow larger."

The only other confirmed Rage show for this year is on Oct. 10 at the Coachella Music Festival near Los Angeles, though a full tour to promote the new album is expected early next year.

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