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Rage Preview in Time Magazine - 8-30-99

"You can judge this band by it's book covers: on the inside of Rage's previous CD, Evil Empire, there was a collage of the dust jackets of leftist classics like Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth and George Jackson's Soledad Brother. It's hard to be a radical band in moderate times; it's hard to believe in the age of Backstreet Boys and a booming Dow, that music has meaning beyond SoundScan figures. Nonetheless, Rage's rock-hop music takes on racism and capitalism while also offering vocal support to Mumia Abu-Jamal and the Zapatista rebels. And with

a Chicano singer (dreadlocked Zack de la Rocha) and an African-American guitarist (wizardly Tom Morello), the band looks like the future of America. Rage's new CD--with songs like Calm Like a Bomb and Guerrilla Radio--promises to be uncompromising and exhilarating. "We've made the record we've been waiting our whole lives to hear," says Morello. "It incorporates the angriest anger of the best punk and the deepest funk of the funkiest hip-hop. When: November 2nd.

Rage and Public Enemy possibly working together - 8-27-99

Public Enemy are planning to work with Rage Against The Machine on a new version of Prophets Of Rage which originally appeared on Public Enemy's 1988 classic album 'It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back'. Here's the official transcript from a PE chat log:

Big Daddy G - Woa! Major idea! How about you guys teaming up with Rage Against the Machine!!! That would kick big ass!!!
Public Enemy: Yes, we're going 2 do Prophets Of Rage together, hopefully...
Make of it what you will. Thanks to Joe Vess for this info.

Fraternal Order of Police Boycotting Rage - 8-24-99

The Fraternal Order of Police are organizing a 'nationwide boycott' against any supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal, most notably, our very own Rage Against the Machine, as well as the Beastie Boys, Sting, and R.E.M. lead singer Michael Stipe.

RATM.com - 8-20-99

Rage's official site, RATM.com has been completely revamped, with some possibilities for new information and a message board on it's way. This is the first step towards preparations for the 3rd album.

Rage split from management - 8-19-99
From RollingStone.com:

This hasn't been a good year for Movement Management. Last Thursday (Aug. 12), the Los Angeles-based company lost arguably its biggest client, Rage Against the Machine. The split comes the same year Jerry Cantrell, RZA and L7 decided to leave the firm. According to Movement owner Brigitte Wright, Rage will self-manage for a while and receive help from lawyer Jamie Young, booking agent Don Muller and Epic marketing VP Chris Poppe. According to Wright, the split between Rage and Movement was "amicable." "I think they've made the best record of their career and [the split] is really good for them and really good for me," she says. Currently, Rage is putting finishing touches on their long-awaited third album in an L.A. studio.

Zack not on Bad Brains tribute - 8-16-99

A track list for the Bad Brains tribute album "Never Give In" was recently released - and Zack is not present. This contradicts the past possibility that he would be on it.

New Album Update, Tom Morello writes for NY Times, Tim Rocks Fools - 8-5-99

The album is slated for a November 9 release.  However, this is not official as there are still a few things that need to happen, which the release date is contingent upon. The album is done and entirely mixed. It's now up to the band to choose the artwork, choose the first single, and begin their promo schedule. It will be soon. Keep checking here for the official release date, which I expect to be announced at a near date in time.

Also, Tom Morello was asked to write an editorial/article for the NY Times regarding Woodstock. Click here to read it.

And finally, while we're in the grain of band members expressing themselves, RATM.com has posted a message direct from Tim Commerford (Timmy C., Tim Bob, Simmering T, and other such head scratching nicknames). He's not particularly trying to tell you any updates or news ragarding Rage, but it's one of the most interesting things I've read - a personal look on the path of his life in Rage Against the Machine, and other things, including his newfound taste for onions.

Rage Concerts - 8-4-99

The date the tickets to the Coachella festival are to go on sale was said to be announced on KROQ radio in LA, August 4th, 5pm - but I haven't heard. According to the official site, http://www.coachella.com, tickets are $50 per night. Rage plays on the 10th.

Rage also played in Honolulu yesterday. One highlight is Zack's response to the behavior of the males against women at Woodstock '99, specifically during the "Limp Bizkit" set:

"I see some women who just want to dance and have fun, and if any man out there wants to disrespect them, there's the fucking exit!"

Rage #10 on 106 top Bands - 8-2-99

This is a little late, but Rage makes up space number 10 on KROQ's list of the top 106 bands - as decided by fans.

New album update, new tour dates! - 7-28-99

A reliable, unknown source close to the band has informed me that the new album is done. 12 tracks were recorded, the last of which completed last Thursday (July 22nd). It is now time to take the record from production to the stores. The September 21st release date I had recieved from another, more activist oriented source is still unofficial, and there is a possibility that the album might not make it to the public until late October - but anything can happen. None of this is 'official' - so wait until you hear it direct from the record company before you go apeshit, so to speak.

Also, Rage has been confirmed for the Coachella Festival.  It is in Indio, CA on October 9 & 10 at the Empire Polo Field.  Rage plays the Oct. 10 show.

More Woodstock-related news... - 7-25-99

Allstar review of Woodstock:

"Trouble always brews during a Rage Against the Machine gig, and the smell of raw power and general anarchy was in the air on the this night as well. Although Metallica was headlining, fans came to be pelted by an assault of pure rock firepower courtesy of Rage and the band did not disappoint.

"No Shelter" got things started, followed by one sonic land mine after another. Besides being physically battered due to out of control crowd psychotica, Rage's music beats you up as well, making it easy to see why they are the forefathers of this whole rage rock movement in the first place.

The band debuted one new song, "Broken Man," from their forever forthcoming third album (another, "Testify," was on the set list but later skipped). The song is more of what Rage does best -- a slow, eerie build up to a riff that hits you like an oncoming freight train.

Several pairs of shoes and even a pillow made their way on stage during the band's set, which was otherwise predictable ("People of the Sun," "Bombtrack," "Bulls on Parade," etc.) As usual, frontman Zack De La Rocha remained silent throughout the gig save a rant ("There's no proof and he's still in jail over 20 years") on behalf of Leonard Peltier before "Freedom."

Rage exited, as they almost always do, on "Killing In the Name" but on this night, they would not go quietly. As guitarist Tom Morello's last few guitar licks finished off the assault on the crowd, an American flag that had been hung throughout the band's set was lit up on stage. The flames put a fiery ending -- not to mention incendiary political message -- to a furious set.

Thanks to Matt Soby for this information!

Those interested in hearing Rage's performance can check out Woodstock's Archive and download "More Cool Clips" from 7-24-99, 11:01pm. Also, "Naked Peoples" and "Free Spirits" contains the new song, "Broken Man". To the left is an image of Zack from the concert, wearing a black armband with a red star on it. I'm told it is to show solidarity with the Zapatista movement.

A trustworthy source has recieved word from Tom/Zack that the new album is to be released on September 21st - coinciding with the start of Mumia Awareness Week. This isn't "official", but it seems to be a reasonable bet, given Tom's declaration that the album is done, and to be released 'this fall'. One more piece of useful information: At the end of "Wake Up" (a song Rage rarely plays live, played perhaps in light of it's appearance in The Matrix), Zack inserted a lyric/question from Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" before having it answered by the Martin Luther King Jr. quote that typically follows the song: "How long must they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look?" - "How long? Not long. Cause what you reap, is what you sow!". Very nice touch.

Rage at Woodstock '99, New album - 7-24-99

Rage apparently instilled a large amount of awe, while simultaneously kicking the audiences ass at Woodstock 99. The setlist went like this:

No Shelter
People of the Sun
Know Your Enemy
New Song
Bullet in the Head
The Ghost of tom
Wake UP
Bulls on Parade
Killing in the Name
Zack gave a speech on Leonard Peltier, and Tim burned an American flag some time before/during/after "Killing in the Name". Also, I'm told that during an interview with MTV, Tom has said that the new album is finished, and it will most likely be released this fall. Listen once more, and stop emailing me: Tom has said to MTV that the new album is finished, and will probably be released this fall. No release date, no album title. Ok?

More info on the "Spitfire" tour, Zack solo album? - 7-20-99

Check out the Spitfire Tour's website: http://www.colleges.com/spitfire/ - in the Zack de la Rocha section, it reads:

Although De La Rocha helped to form the tour, his actual involvement remains to be seen. According to Spitfire's spokesperson, the singer is busy with a Rage album and a solo debut and therefore could not be at any of the dates already scheduled. However, he may be available next Spring, when Spitfire rounds up speakers for a full-scale nationwide excursion.

Tom Morello remix of Lo-Fidelity All-Stars "Battleflag" - 7-19-99

Apparently, Tom Morello has remixed the heavily-played song "Battleflag" by the Lo-Fidelity All-Stars. It's been playing frequently on KROQ in New York. Check it out!

New message from Tom Morello on ratm.com - 7-18-99

Tom Morello has posted a new message to fans on the official Rage Against the Machine website. It reads:

"We had a great time at our recent shows in New York City and Chicago. Rage fans are the best. Our apologies to our fans in Holland- at the last minute, The Milarepa Fund (who hosts the Tibetan Freedom Concert) asked us to play the Chicago show instead of Amsterdam in an attempt to sell out the huge Alpine Valley venue. They hoped this would help heighten awareness of the cause and so we obliged. Anyone who's seen our home video knows that our fans in Holland (at The Pink Pop Festival) rock to a shockingly high degree, and we look forward to playing there again- hopefully soon.

Work on the record is still coming along. No release date yet. Woodstock, the Mt. Fuji Festival, and shows in Seoul and Hawaii are looming. We have an old song ("Wake Up") on that "Matrix" soundtrack, and our Springsteen cover, "The Ghost of Tom Joad", appears on the "No Boundaries" CD, a benefit for Kosovar refugees. This is a benefit record for strictly humanitarian aid, and our participation should in no way be misconstrued as an endorsement of the brutal U.S.- led bombing of the region. Oh, and finally, "Snoop Bounce", the track that Timmy, Brad, and I did with Snoop Dogg, is coming out on the Surfrider Foundation's benefit album: "MOM III", Music for our Mother Ocean- Volume III. It's a jam and a half. Check it out."

See you at Woodstock, kids.

Tom Morello

Etc. Also, in retrospect to the bit about Zack allegedly stalking an Australian woman, it should be interesting to know that another Australian woman had previously claimed that Silverchair's Daniel Johns was stalking her. To quote the mass of rock journalist's everywhere, "There must be something in the water down under."

Sydney woman alleges Zack is stalking her - 7-16-99

From the Daily Telegraph, Sydney, Austrilia...

Lisa Fulmer, 27, claimed Zack has "spasmodically" stalked and harassed her since the pair met backstage at the Hordern Pavilion after a Big Day Out concert in 1996. A written complaint from Ms. Fulmer, alleges Zack followed her to the NSW ski fields, a Sydney movie theatre and even Bali in his pursuit of her. She also said the singer had assaulted her and blamed him for drugging her drink and throwing a rock through the window of her Kingsford unit.

Seeking an apprehended personal violence order against De La Rocha in Waverley Local Court yesterday, Ms Fulmer alleged she spotted him as recently as last week, sitting in a car outside her home. But her claim came as a surprise to the band's record company, which said De La Rocha was now in the United States recording new material.

"They're in the US working on a new album which we hope to have out by the end of the year," Epic Records national publicity manager Brent Hampstead said. As far as his company was aware, De La Rocha was last in Australia in 1996 when Rage Against The Machine toured for the Big Day Out.

But Ms Fulmer's grounds for complaint, lodged with the court, tell a different story. "The defendant has been harassing and stalking the complainant over a number of years," it alleged. "When (Ms Fulmer) resided in Jindabyne, the defendant was observed hanging around (her) premises. When (she) returned to Sydney, she observed the defendant walking past her friend's premises whilst she was there." The complaint also alleges De La Rocha approached Ms Fulmer in Bali, threatened her and spiked her drink. Earlier this year, Ms Fulmer claims De La Rocha placed a Valentine's Day card under her door. The case was mentioned briefly yesterday but was adjourned for six weeks after the court heard De La Rocha had not been served with a summons to attend.

Thanks to Rodney Bruce for this bit of hilarious information.

"Snoop Bounce" appearing on MOM III - 7-5-99

The lineup for the latest all-star "Music for Our Mother Ocean" album has been finalized with Smash Mouth, Lit, and a new Snoop Dogg collaboration with members of Rage Against The Machine and the Gap Band coming on as the latest additions. The album, due out on August 10, is the third to benefit The Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the coastal environment. Organizer Pierce Flynn told MTV News, "A lot of the acts contacted us this time around, and most of them this time have given us new or unreleased songs." According to Flynn, Snoop Dogg's "Snoop's Bounce," is a rock and rap track that features Tom Morello, Sim T, and Brad Wilk from Rage Against The Machine as well as backup vocals from the Gap Band. Snoop had originally planned on covering "Rockaway Beach" by the Ramones, but later opted to switch to an original. "MOM I" and "MOM II" raised over $500,000 for the Surfrider Foundation, according to Flynn. "MOM III" will be released August 10 on Surfdog/Hollywood Records.

Tom Morello's Top Six Albums - 7-5-99

  1: Kiss: Destroyer

Morello: "I knew that it was my favorite band before I heard a note of it, just from the record cover, and I was right."
2: Led Zeppelin: Song Remains The Same
"Their oft-maligned live record is a huge favorite of mine -- as close as a 13-year-old was going to get to the live Led Zeppelin experience."
3: Sex Pistols: Never Mind The Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols
"This record is the reason I play in a band. Before this, I thought you had to be some dark, brooding sage on the shores of Loch Ness to conjure up powerful music, whereas, with the Sex Pistols, I thought, 'Well I could maybe do that later this afternoon!' I was in my first band (The Electric Sheep) that same week."
5: Bruce Springsteen: Ghost Of Tom Joad
"This is some of the best lyric writing and storytelling ever, songs about inequality in America and what happens to the people on the wrong side of the equation."
5: Jane's Addiction: Nothing's Shocking
"It legitimized my heavy metal conflict. I loved the genre, but I always thought the lyrics were so stupid. For me, this -- much more than Nirvana's Nevermind -- ushered in a new era of hard music that was more artistically legitimate."
6: Prodigy: Fat Of The Land
"While it's under the umbrella of electronica, it has an awesome hard-rocking sensibility and dynamics that you don't usually find in that genre."

Compiled by Maureen Herman. Thanks to "Pimpy MCBlunt"

Zack appearing on RZA's "The Cure" - 7-1-99

From Wu-Tang's website, there is a list of albums being released by members of the Wu-Tang clan. RZA's "The Cure" is featuring Zack de la Rocha, and Force Mds.

Tom Morello producing/playing on new Primus album - 6-21-99

Primus has already begun work on its next album, and the band has lined up a roster of collaborators for the effort that includes Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, Tom Waits, "South Park" co-creator Matt Stone, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello, and both Metallica guitarists.

"It's sort of an ensemble piece," Primus bassist/vocalist Les Claypool told MTV News of the album during one of the band's stops on this the history of Primus. We did an EP last year with Toby Wright, but we haven't really come across anybody that we've gelled with or that artistically was able to take us in different places. We came up with the concept of working with various artists and producers that we really respect, so this album we had Tom Morello produce and play on a few tracks.

New Tour Date(s) - 6-18-99

I just added a confirmed tour date that Rage is playing in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 3rd at the Neil S. Blaisdell Arena. This show, as well as the show in Seoul, Korea, and playing the FujiFest in Japan follow Rage's spot on 1999's Woodstock festival.

Rage at Tibetan Freedom Concert - 6-14-99

Here's what Wallofsound.com said:

"Rage's set was simply a scorcher, blowing away both the crowd and their colleagues. Introduced by guitarist Tom Morello's mother, the quartet launched into an explosive "People of the Sun" before blasting through such favorites such "Bulls on Parade," "Kill Your Enemy," and "Killing in the Name Of," as well as "No Shelter" from last year's Godzilla soundtrack and "Testify," a scorching new song slated for the group's next record."
Perhaps "Testify" is "Maria", renamed. There's always the possibility that this reporter doesn't know what he's talking about, though. The excessive use of variants of the word "scorch" in such a short paragraph would hint towards the latter, as would the mislabeling of the song "Know your Enemy".

Some info on the progress of "Maria" - 6-13-99

According to Ryan Condal, who went to the KROQ show, "Maria" has been "completely changed lyrically since the bootleged recording from the Mumia Tribute. The song actually sounds like a revamping of the song "Testify" that has been on many of the bootlegs that are out there. The end where it once was "no witness, no witness, no witness" was nsomething like "you gotta justify to testify" or something like that."

Rage to play in Chicago area, instead of Amsterdam for Tibetan Freedom Festival - 6-11-99

At the request of the Milrepa Fund, Rage Against The Machine will play the Chicago-area Tibetan Freedom Concert on June 13 at Alpine Valley in East Troy Wisconsin, rather than the Tibetan Freedom Concert in Amsterdam as announced previously. This decision was made entirely by the Milrepa Fund, and Rage played no role in the switch. It in no way reflects Rage's attitude toward European fans. Ticket refunds are available at the ticket agency where they were purchased (although I'd still recommend going to the TFC for the cause it supports and seeing other artists, despite Rage's absense). If you have any concerns or questions regarding the switch, they should be directed at the Milrepa Fund. Rage will definately be playing in Holland on their next European tour. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes for European Rage fans, and I'm sure Rage is sorry as well.

Zack in Rolling Stone - 5-25-99

Zack is in the new Rolling Stone magazine, at the beginning where they have little media snippits. There's some small text about his speech to the United Nations in Geneva captioning a picture of him in a suit-- quite an unexpected, yet understandable sight. Click here to see it.

Rage contributing to Kosovo benefit record - 5-14-99

Korn, Rage Against The Machine, Alanis Morissette, Pearl Jam, and the Wallflowers are among the artists contributing tracks to a benefit album titled "No Boundaries." The project aims to raise funds for the Kosovo refugees and is due out on June 15. Proceeds from the album will be donated to three international charity groups: CARE, OXFAM, and Doctors Without Borders, all of which are working to provide the refugees with such basic needs as food, shelter, and clothing. Rage is contributing "The Ghost of Tom Joad" to the album.

Tom on CNN live - 5-10-99

Tom defended rock music saying "there has never been a rock song that has caused someone to kill another human being."  He went on to say, "Its amazing how hypocritical our government can be to point the finger, when they are guilty of bombing Yugoslavia.  Kids look to that as a means to solve their problems by violence, while the US kills children and the elderly.  Theres a big difference between that and Marilyn Manson, who dresses up like its halloween, and sings in a scary voice."

Thanks to John Bacho for this

AOL Transcript, "new album news" - 5-7-99

The chat with Tom Morello and the RIAA on AOL was transcribed. Access it.

Rage Against the Machine are nearly done recording their third album, according to producer Brendan O'Brien. While he was hesitant to describe the new work, O'Brien, who also produced Rage's Evil Empire (1996), said it adds new sounds to the band's funk-rock attack and still "hits pretty darn hard."

Tom Morello chat on AOL about school shootings - 5-1-99

Tom  Morello and the RIAA will be doing a chat on AOL about the Littleton CO shootings and the hearings Congress is having next week about violence and the entertainment industry.   The RIAA is going to be at the hearings and wants some input from music fans. The chat is this Monday 5/3 on AOL at 6:30 pm Eastern.

"Mumia 911" MP3s online - 5-1-99

www.realized.net/unbound has some MP3s from a single entitled "Mumia 911". Zack displays some "mad skills" on this, and comes in around the 3:00 mark.

Rage playing "The Dysfunctional Family III" - 5-1-99

K-Rock is doing a show that Rage is taking part in. It's creatively (ha) entitled "The Dysfunctional Family III". The line up is Rage, Stone Temple Pilots, Hole, Limp Bizkit, Live, Blink 182, and Kid Rock. It's at the Jones Beach Ampitheater on Friday, June 11th. Tickets went on sale today at 9am. You can order tickets through Ticketmaster, all Ticketmaster outlets, The Jones Beach Theater Box Office, or Ticketmaster Charge-By-Phone: NY: (212)307-7171, NJ: (201)507-8900, LI: (516)888-9000, or (914)454-3388.

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