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Sleep Now in the Fire tracklistings - 3/24/00

Ian Mance sent in some speculated track listings for the import versions of the Sleep Now in the Fire single:

Release Date: 4/7/2000
1. Sleep Now in the Fire
2. Guerrilla Radio (live)
3. Bulls on Parade (live)
4. Freedom (live)
5. Sleep Now in the Fire (live)

Release date: 4/1/2000
Country: UK #1 (limited)
1. Sleep Now in the Fire
2. Bulls on Parade (live)
3. Sleep Now in the Fire (live)

Release date: 4/7/2000
Country: UK #2 (limited)
1. Sleep Now in the Fire
2. Guerrilla Radio (live)
3. Freedom (live)
4. Sleep Now in the Fire (video)

Tours, Singles - 3/22/00

Teencore bands "Korn" and "Limp Bizkit" are planning a summer tour together, and have asked Rage to join. Thus far, Rage has not responded.

Sony will release a CD & 7" version of the Sleep Now in the Fire on 03.31.00. It is also being released in London on 4.4.00.

Tom on Star Trek Voyager - 3/14/00

Tom Morello will indeed have a guest appearance on the episode of Star Trek Voyager which airs tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15th, at 9PM ET. The episode is titled "Good Shepherd", and Tom has a small role.

You can request the "Sleep Now in the Fire" video on MTV's Total Request Live website. Click on "01. Play my Song".

Broadcasts, Appearances - 3/5/00

The Mexico City show will be broacast on Muchmusic in Canada and MuchUSA in parts of the US on Saturday March 5 @ 9:00. p.m. EST.

The video for "Sleep Now in the Fire" will premiere on MTV's Total Request Live Monday, March 6th at 3:30 PM. Michael Moore and Tom Morello will apparently be guests on the show.

Rage's debut album is also on the list of Guitar World's "20 Essential Rock Guitar Albums"at #19. Check:

Rage Against the Machine; Rage Against the Machine (Epic, 1992)

Rap + metal + squealing, processed guitars - sound like a familiar equation? While bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock have put their unique seven-string spin on this formula, Rage, and the bands brilliant guitarist, Tom Morello, was there first.

Comically enough, Rage was mentioned in Teen People: "Armed with a volatile political agenda, the L.A. quartet had been raging via rap-metal rock long before 1999's Battle Of Los Angeles.  'We are fortunate to be able to weave our political convictions about social and economic justice into our life's work, which is being in a rock band,' says guitarist Tom Morello. That work often pushes them into the center of controversy; their ardent support of a retrial for Mumia Abu-Jamal (a journalist convicted of murdering a Philadelphia police officer) sparked boycotts at their concerts.  Such reprisals just add fire to the Rage:  'It's our only responsibilty as artists to be true to ourselves,' says Tom.  'Let the chips fall where they may.'"

Someone made an awesome Flash animation: Check it.

Sleep Now in the Fire video - 3/1/00

MTV is doing a segment March 6-10, Monday through Friday at 11:00 a.m. (ET) / 10:00 a.m. (CT) called "The Return of Rock". Both "Bulls on Parade" and "Sleep Now in the Fire" are video choices. I suppose this means that if people vote for the video to be played, it will be aired next week. Go to Request@MTV to choose what you want to air.

Here's an interesting bit of info regarding the production of the video, from the New York Post:


RADICAL director Michael Moore's attempt to bring his pro-labor politics to the world of music videos did not go as well as he'd hoped.

In order to get Moore to direct Rage Against the Machine's "Sleep Now in the Fire" video earlier this month, honchos at Sony/Epic Records guaranteed him that everyone working on the production would be union members.

They lied. "I got a call from someone at Spin asking me if I knew that there'd been some non-union extras in the video and I kept saying it wasn't true," Moore tells PAGE SIX. But when he checked into the matter further, Moore got an unhappy surprise:

"Sony told me everyone was union except for a few extras. I said, ‘You're just telling me this for the first time?' Not only am I disappointed, but I've also registered a complaint with them."

"It was my mistake," says Jim Czarnecki, the video's executive producer at N.S.A./ Black Dog, the studio Sony used. "I've never had so many union people for a music video before and because some of these people were [in the] background I made the decision to go non-S.A.G. It wasn't the kind of decision I'd discuss with a director."

But even for those extras who were members of the Screen Actors Guild, the deal got worse all the time. "We were working under the worst conditions possible," says one actress. "And the crew was really abusive."

The tipster says she and about 150 others were crammed into a mock-up of the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" set for almost 17 hours with smoke machines blowing in their faces the whole time.

"People were getting very, very angry," she says. "After 12 hours, about 20 people finally got sick of it and walked out. But most of us stayed because we were afraid we wouldn't end up getting any money at all."

Czarnecki admits conditions got rough, but says that even the people who walked out will be paid: "If you were sitting there for 12 hours, you would have left, too."

In fact, tempers among the extras got so hot, Moore had to promise everyone an extra $60 and buy them pizza. The $210 payday is within S.A.G. guidelines for extras, but Sony may also have to pony up some bonus money for exposing the talent to so much smoke.

"I fucked up," says Czarnecki. "I admit it and that doesn't make everything all right. The only thing that will make it all right is to fix it."

Rage #6 on Annual Critics' Poll - 2/21/00

"The Battle of Los Angeles" was rated #6 on the Village Voice's annual critics poll, a nationwide poll of nearly 500 music critics. Moby's "Play" topped the list, followed by some other stuff.

"Live in Mexico City" Video/DVD Setlist - 2/17/00

The new Rage video production, "Live in Mexico City", will feature the following songs. The exact release date is not known.

1. Testify
2. Guerrilla Radio
3. People Of The Sun
4. Calm Like A Bomb
5. Bullet In The Head
6. Sleep Now In The Fire
7. Born Of A Broken Man
8. Know Your Enemy
9. Freedom

Whether or not the documentary on the Mexican student's strike, or the Zapatista movement will appear on the production, as well, as not known at this time.

Mix Master Mike to work with Zack - 2/10/00

Mix Master Mike - who is known for his work on the Beastie Boys' "Hello Nasty", as well as his album "Anti-Theft Device" - is working on a full-length album, and after sharing views on music with Zack during the Mumia benefit in early 1999, has invited Zack to lay down some vocals on the album. No dates for the album release, as of right now.

Also, a repeat of the episode of Conan O'Brien with Rage as musical guests will be aired on Monday, Febuary 21. (Thanks for ohmyjoe@aol.com)

Tom Morello to Appear on Star Trek Voyager - 2/7/00

Star Trek nerd/Rage guitarist Tom Morello is scheduled to have a cameo appearance on Star Trek Voyager some time this spring. He'll be a human Starfleet officer, and deliver a few lines. Producer Rick Berman said: "This time [Tom Morello played an alien on the Star Trek movie "Insurrection" -ed], we told him he'd play a human. He did a great job. It was a little pick-me-up for everyone." (Thanks to Henry Lee)

Snoop Doggy Dogg Releasing "Greatest Hits" - 2/6/00

According to www.snoopsdogghouse.com, on March 28th, Snoop is releasing "Snoop Dogg: The Death Row Greatest Hits". It will feature Dr. Dre, Daz, Nate Dogg and Warren G, and Rage Against the Machine. This means that the Snoop Bounce remix that Rage played on will be easily available. (Thanks to Andrew Betteridge)

RATM Mentioned in US News/World Report... - 1/31/00

The following question was answered in a column found in US News and World Report:

Ask Dr. Hip
Last week, Gary Bauer accused Alan Keyes of moshing to the music of "The Machine Rages on." What's that?

Bauer was in fact raging against "Rage Against The Machine." Calling the band "pro-cop killer" and "anti-family," he scolded Keyes for his impromptu stage dive into a horde of dancing kids, where he body-surfed to the strains of the flamingly anarchistic, top-selling rap-metal band. RATM lacks not for pet issues, from sweatshops to Indian activist Leonard Peltier, jailed for murdering two federal agents. It's benefit concert for a retrial of journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, on death row for killing a police officer, miffed cops. Keyes, who dived in at the urging of filmmaker Michael Moore, replied, "I was not morally responsible for the music."

Note how "Dr. Hip" conveniently fails to mention the controversy that surrounds the cases of both Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal. (Thanks to Dave)

In unrelated news, RATM songs were heard on MTV's "Choose or Lose 2000". When the program began discussing presidential hopeful John McCain's negative past as a "violent punk" willing to "solve anything with violence," Bulls On Parade entered, and as they continued talking about his past as a punk, both "Guerrilla Radio" and "Freedom" played on and off of each other. It appears that MTV is pushing the theme of RATM being a symbol for rebellion, punk, and violence. The meaning of all of this is up to you to decide. (Thanks to Ed Wilson)

Michael Moore's Account of the SNitF Video - 1/29/00

Michael Moore spreads truth on his television show, The Awful Truth. He is a badass. He also posted his account of what happened when he, as well as Rage Against the Machine, were busted by security on the streets of New York during the filming of the Sleep Now in the Fire video (Thanks to Milutin):

A few weeks ago, I was asked by Rage Against the Machine to direct their next music video, something I've never done. Their song is about the evils of our economic system and the era of greed in which we live. So, like, I had a few ideas...

On Wednesday we quickly set the band up on the steps where George Washington was first sworn in as President, on the corner of Wall and Broad Streets in lower Manhattan. Quite a large crowd came out of the brokerage houses and banks where the business of America is conducted on a daily basis.

The police also came out. They ordered the makeshift concert to cease, but before we had a chance to stop, four officers jumped me and put me in one of those police locks like you see on that excellent and informative show, "COPS." One tried to break my arm, the other put a choke hold on my neck. In all my years of shooting in New York, I have never had this happen, and all I could think of was, well, I just hope it's a new plunger.

When the band and the crowd saw this, they went nuts. Hundreds of them jumped two police barricades and tore across the street to the front door of the New York Stock Exchange, ground zero of American Capitalism. It was a sight to behold. The police were so distracted with carting me away they couldn't catch up to the band who, by this time, had made it inside the first set of double doors to the Exchange.

At that moment, someone must have hit the riot button inside the Stock Exchange because suddenly these large steel gates came crashing down in front of the second set of double doors. Then all the gates of the Exchange came down. Clank! Clank! Clank! For the first time anyone could recall, the New York Stock Exchange went into lockdown a full hour before its official closing time. The police left me and rushed over to break up the madness. But the band and their fans are faster than I was and escaped the clutches of the police.

You can catch the video on MTV in mid-February and me in court by late March.

More pictures and video from the scene are posted on his website, www.michaelmoore.com:

Anthrax on Rage - 1/28/00

Anthrax were recently guests on VH1's "The Rock Show". The host asked them what they felt about bands who followed in the footsteps of their Public Enemy collaboration, and asked if they felt that they were ripped off. Scott Ian answered something like "Well the only band that took what we did to the next level was Rage Against the Machine. Rage are a great band, and they truly broke new ground after what we did. All that other crap is just pop music." (Thanks to David Desola)

Rage's Guerrilla Radio #7 on Triple J Hottest 100 of '99 - 1/28/00

Australian radio station Triple J held their annual Hottest 100 poll on Australia Day [January 26] and Guerrilla Radio came in at number 7. The poll is voted on by Triple J listeners from around the country. Apparently, the Hottest 100 is the worlds largest music poll, and they got 650, 000 votes this year. (Thanks to Stephen and Mike)

Gary Bauer Labels Rage "Anti-Family"... - 1/26/00

During the republican party's primary presidential debates, candidate Gary Bauer made some ignorant accusations against Rage while criticizing Alan Keyes for 'moshing' to a Rage song at the urging of Michael Moore. Here's what was said:

"Alan, a couple of weeks ago, you criticized my good friend John McCain because he expressed some support of or interest in a controversial music group. In view of that, I was a little surprised this week to see you fall into a mosh pit while a band called the Machine Rages On, or Rage Against the Machine played. That band is anti-family, it's pro-cop killer and it's pro terrorists. It's the kind of music that the killers at Columbine High School were immersed in. Don't you think you owe an apology to parents and policemen on that one?"

Keyes said he "had no idea", and therefore he was not "morally responsible". Check out images of the candidate/mosh pit experience on: Michael Moore's Website. (Thanks to Santiago Papini and David)

Sleep Now in the Fire Video Shoot in NYC - 1/26/00

Vikas Bhatia has informed me that Rage were on Wallstreet in New York City today filming the video for "Sleep Now in the Fire". Michael Moore is directing the video. Rage decided to "storm" the New York Stock Exchange as part of the video, and were ushered inside soon after by NYSE security. They were reprimanded inside and no arrests were made. Check out the whole story on The Michael Moore Website.

Home Video/DVD release, Malaysian fans... - 1/25/00

Sony DVD's page lists Rage Against the Machine: "Live in Mexico City" as a March release that is "subject to change". I'd say, however, that the chances of the release are fairly good. (Thanks to Neptune)

You can vote for artists, including Rage, at the Bammies Ballot site. Ticket information is also available at that website.

Fadly Zakariya from Malaysia has informed me that Guerrilla Radio has managed to get some airtime on the Malaysian radio station, HITZ FM. Rage songs on the radio are a rarity in Malaysia - and Fadly encourages all Malaysian Rage fans to call and request more Rage songs. "Hijack the mainstream."

Rage Nominated for 7 Bammies - 1/22/00

Rage has been nominated in 7 categories for The California Music Awards, formerly known as the Bay Area Music Awards - or "Bammies". Here are the categories Rage were nominated for:

Outstanding Album
Fiona Apple: When the Pawn...
Beck: Midnite Vultures
Blink-182: Enema of the State
Rage Against the Machine: The Battle of Los Angeles
Santana: Supernatural

Outstanding Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album
Buckcherry: Buckcherry
Korn: Issues
Metallica: S&M
Primus: Antipop
Rage Against the Machine: The Battle of Los Angeles

Outstanding Group
Rage Against the Machine
Smash Mouth
Third Eye Blind

Outstanding Male Vocalist
Zach De La Rocha (Rage Against the Machine)
Adam Duritz (Counting Crows)
Steve Harwell (Smash Mouth)
Stephan Jenkins (Third Eye Blind)
Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray)

Outstanding Guitarist
Kevin Cadogan (Third Eye Blind)
John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Kirk Hammett (Metallica)
Ben Harper
Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine)

Outstanding Drummer
Greg Camp (Smash Mouth)
Donna C (The Donnas)
Brad Hargreaves (Third Eye Blind)
Lars Ulrich (Metallica)
Joey Waronker (R.E.M.)
Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine)

Outstanding Songwriter
Fiona Apple
Zach De La Rocha (Rage Against the Machine)
Adam Duritz (Counting Crows)
Jenkins/Cadogan (Third Eye Blind)
Tom Waits

The Bammies take place Saturday, April 8, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. (People can buy tickets for the event.)

N.J. Giving Mumia Benefit Earnings to Slain Cops's Families - 1/22/00

From SonicNet...

"A year after Rage Against the Machine and the Beastie Boys headlined a New Jersey benefit concert for convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, Gov. Christine Todd Whitman signed a bill Tuesday granting $80,000 of the state's profits from the show to the families of slain police officers."
Read the whole article here. I found this quote particularly interesting: "They're a hate group," [Mike] Lutz [head of Philadelphia's FOP] said of Rage, who have used the term "pigs" in their songs. "They're no different than the Ku Klux Klan and the Neo-Nazi Party."

Sleep Now in the Fire - Next Single, Possible Home Video Release - 1/22/00

RATM.com has posted information that Sleep Now in the Fire will be the next single, and a video is possibly in the works.

They also mention that a home video of the live performance in Mexico City last November may be released in the spring.

Rage in Media - 1/20/00

Rage is mentioned in an article about Mumia Abu-Jamal in the latest edition of "SPIN" (Thanks to Vineet):

"No entertainers have been as vocal about their support as Rage Against the Machine. In January 1999, A New Jersey benefit show the band staged (also featuring the Beastie Boys, who declined comment for this story) raised $80,000 for Abu-Jamal's defense fund. Before Rage's November appearance on the Conan O'Brien show the week before Sting's Philadephia concert, the FOP demanded that NBC cancel Rage's appearance. "Late Night Books guests for their talent and popularity, not for their political beliefs," the network responded in a statement. "We don't blacklist certain guests solely because of their views." .... Perhaps the most powerful ally the FOP has is Maureen Faulkner, the slain officers outspoken widow, who earlier this year debated Rage guitarist Tom Morello on Howard Stern's radio show.

Rage Against the Machine appeared on a PBS special about Kip Kinkel, Tuesday, Jan. 18. During the documentary, the narrator spoke about Kip Kinkel's descent into the "bad crowd" by stealing CDs. Cut to shot of "random" compact discs: Marilyn Manson's "Mechanical Animals", as well as Rage Against the Machine's "Evil Empire" and "Rage Against the "Machine". It is clear that media is attempting to curb legitimate dissent by making Rage appear to the public as a band that causes teenagers to kill classmates. This is not truth.

Christina Aguilera and MTV - 1/17/00

Christina Aguilera, a teen media icon generated by the entertainment industry to distract youth attention from social action, is hosting an artist/musician poll at MTV.com. The poll features questions such as "Who is your role model?" and "Who would you turn to for advice?" - with the only answers being entertainers from the music industry. This poll exists to create a carefully selected cast of characters and "present" teens with the figures they will admire. Anyway, MTV mixed Rage up in this for some reason, and offered them as a choice for the question: "REAL IDEAL: No fronting here... who's the most honest about who they are?" Jonathan Ashley thinks that Rage fans should go to the site and select Rage over "Jay-Z", "Kid Rock", and Kurt Cobain.

ADF opening for Rage, Zack and ATR, RATM in Brazil - 1/13/00

Asian Dub Foundation is opening for Rage during the European tour.

Atari Teenage Riot's Alec Empire is quoted as saying: "I want to do stuff with [Rage Against the Machine's] Zack [De La Rocha]. We don't know exactly when yet but sometime in the first half of the year."

Last Friday, Rage appeared on MTV-Brasil, in a program call "Fim de Semana Especial" (Special Weekend), presented by Fabio Massari, who talks with Zack, Tom and Tim. Massari talked with Rage about the Mexico City show, and Zack apologized to Brazilian fans for "neglecting" them, and promising to come to Brazil in 2000. They talked about poor people of Mexico and the Zapatista struggle. The questions for Tom were about the "Rage in the studio" and how they recorded their songs. Tom says it was like "A song per day" with Brenden O'Brien in the studio. Tim talked how the media makes Rage famous, using polemic themes in lyrics, and personal opinions about the Mexican government attempting to boycott the show in Mexico City. (Thanks to NiX!)

Good News! - 1/5/00

Good news! Rage has permeated the thick walls of mainstream Hollywood culture: "Extra TV" mentioned that Rage, a "radical, left-wing band," is "here to stay." (Thanks to Misha for noticing)

The Battle of Los Angeles has gone double-platinum. (Thanks Ed)

Rage: #2 in USA Today, #1 in Rolling Stone - 1/2/00

Rage's "The Battle of Los Angeles" was number two a list of the best albums of 1999 put out by USA Today. They quoted: "...sound and fury coalesce brilliantly."

Rage also took home the Rolling Stone critic's choice award for Best Artist & Album of the Year. The soundtrack to "The Matrix" won the fan poll for the best soundtrack of 1999 - "Wake Up" is on the soundtrack.

Cypress Hill and Brad Wilk - 1/2/00

As if a Spanish greatest hits album wasn't enough, Cypress Hill also have a brand new record in the can. "Skull & Bones" is due out in March, and, according to rapper B-Real and percussionist Eric Bobo, it contains a new Cypress Hill sound. "We experimented a lot with this record," says to Billboard Bobo. "A few songs are a heavy rap-metal kind of thing. [Drummer] Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine played on a track." (Thanks to Jonathan)

Rage and Hitler? - 12-28-99

The media dropped subliminal messages to the public that suggested a relation between Rage Against the Machine and Adolf Hitler this past Sunday during CBS's presentation of "TIME's Greatest People of the Century". While an expert of some sort discussed how Hitler was the first real "rock star", in the sense that he used the media to create a "God-like" aura surrounding him, RATM's cover of "The Ghost of Tom Joad" played in the background. Many fans found this unsettling. (Thanks to Moe. A, Graeme Schanrr, and Jonathan Ashley)

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