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BOLA released in Malaysia - 12-12-99

The Battle of Los Angeles was recently released in Malaysia just this week, and in the RIM (Recording Industry Association Of Malaysia) Chart Show for the week ending December 7, BOLA debuted at no. 20 on the charts. Since the album has just arrived in Malaysia and is on a Malaysian international chart show, no. 20 signifies a very well-received album. (Thanks to Hanida Samsudin!)

Brad Wilk is on the cover of the new issue of "Drum!" magazine.

Zack in FADER magazine - 12-10-99

The issue of FADER magazine with Zack de la Rocha, Reverend Run, and DJ Premier on the cover with the title "Three Kings" has some interesting quotes from Zack.

On whether rock is benefitting from rap music nowadays.
"I feel like rock music at this point isn't really doing a service to the hip hop side of things. It's mostly hip-hop written from a metal instrumental persepctive. It's something that's been sorted out and planned as opposed to being a product of intuition and spontaneity, which I think are the two cornerstones of great hip hop records and great rock records...........For Rage we take the approach of writing rock from a hip hop perspective because that's what we grew up listening to....."

On Gang Starr touring with Rage.
"To us, it's really important that we take artists out on the road with us that we feel have preserved the idea of the music and the medium.....It breaks that kind of musical segregation that exists within our country. You bring in people together from various racial background and class backgrounds. And when you shatter those boundaries you have these little revolutionary moments that exist within the shows with people that wouldn't necessarily come exclusively to a Rage show or exclusively to a Gang Starr show. That's precisely what it is about music that is so revolutionary. It can transcend any border, any military checkpoint, and racial divide.

Thanks to Seth Leibowitz!

Rage to be on hip-hop/rock compilation - 12-10-99

Hip-hop label Loud Records is in the early stages of putting together an inventive compilation featuring rock bands covering songs by Loud artists. Participating acts include Ozzy Osbourne, System of a Down, Sick Of It All, and our very own Rage Against The Machine (doing a song with Tha Alkaholiks). Some of the tracks will be collaborations, while others will be covers. The album, tentatively titled "Loud Rocks", is most likely due in the spring or summer; and a final track listing has not been confirmed.

FOP antics continue - 12-10-99

The FOP are "boycotting" a variety of institutions responsible for a Rage benefit concert for Mumia Abu-Jamal. The Spectrum, the First Union Center, First Union Bank and a subsidiary, First Union Securities; and Electric Factory Concerts, which promoted the Monday performance have all been targetting for boycott.

FOP president Richard B. Costello had some ridiculous and inaccurate things to say: "So long as people continue to financially profit from the blood of a murdered police officer, this message of violence will continue to spread. By supporting this boycott, you can help stop the marketing of hate for profit." Zack de la Rocha said at the concert: "We don't support any kind of killers, especially killer cops. But we do support innocent brothers and sisters framed and put on death row, including Mumia Abu-Jamal."

Read the entire article, including Richard Costello's reasoning for not including Comcast-Spectator - the company which owns both of the entertainment venues - on the boycott list, here. His reasoning (Comcast has a legal monopoly on the local cable TV service) further illustrates the reality behind the message in the Rage song, "Bullet in the Head," which Costello ignorantly misinterprets as a "hate" song advocating violence. (Thanks to Ashish Desai for forwarding the article)

Tom Morello on Primus album; BOLA sales status - 12-10-99

Mike Olejnik submitted the specific songs from the new Primus album, "Antipop", that include Tom Morello:

Also, The Battle of Los Angeles has been certified double-platinum by the RIAA. (Thanks to Udi Goldstein)

Rage on Chicago Tribune List - 12-8-99

In the Sunday, December 5th edition of the Chicago Tribune, The Battle of Los Angeles was voted number 19 on a list of the top 20 rock albums. The caption read: "Rage already knew how to growl, but on "Battle" it's learned how to dance. This is the funkiest and hardest rap-rock since Public Enemy's heyday." (Thanks to TheOzzMan@aol.com)

Irony At It's Best... - 12-8-99

Seth Leibowitz was watching the hideous VH-1 Fashion Awards and the designer for Gucci won "Best Women's Designer". As he walked to the podium, none other than "Guerrilla Radio" plays in the background. That's not all, however: When MTV had it's "House of Style 10 year anniversary special", they had a clip of the top 10 designers that have been the most influential over the last 12 months.  Every designer they showed had a different background music; four of which were Rage Against the Machine songs: Guerilla Radio, the opening of Ashes in the Fall, Sleep Now in the Fire, and Testify.

Triple J aired "RATM: Live at the Wireless" last night in Australia, a recorded show from the Hollywood gig this past October.

Rage is also in the new SPIN: As "Band of the Year", and the Battle of Los Angeles being the #2 album of the year - following nine inch nails' "The Fragile". The caption reads:

"At last, an entire LP that's as pleasurable as those wah-wah'ed notes in "Bulls on Parade". Tom Morello asserts his undeniable place in the black-rock tradition; the rhythm section finally sounds like they've been invited to the party, too; and Zack de la Rocha is filling up the breaks with mutterings as jolting as his screeches. At last, radical rockers who actually sound as earthshaking as the MC5 were supposed to 30 years ago."

Rage on another "significance" list - 12-4-99

Nude as the News - a non-profit internet music zine based out of Chicago has compiled a list of the most compelling albums of the 90s, with Rage Against the Machine's self-titled debut album reaching #17.

Europe tour dates! - 12-2-99

Here are some of the confirmed gigs in Europe, though the dates are not official:

31.01. Hamburg - Sporthalle 
04.02. Düsseldorf - Philipshalle 
06.02. Berlin - Arena 
07.02. München - Zenith. 

Rage will also play Wembley Arena in London on the 28th of January. Tickets £14 plus booking. Venue telephone: 0181 902 0902. (from Muid and Mike) Dates in Spain are:

Feb 13 - San Sebastian, Bullring 
Feb 14 - Leganes (near Madrid), Bullring 
Feb 15 - Barcelona, unknown venue.
(Thanks to Iñaki)

"Word on the street" says that RATM will be on Triple J (105.7FM) in Australia, performing live Monday the 6th of December at 9pm. This isn't "confirmed", but it's worth checking out if you live down under. (from Desmond Lau)

Another punk band opening for Rage - 11-29-99

Punk band "Anti-Flag" will join Gangstarr to open for Rage Against the Machine on the following dates: December 6, 8, 9, 11, 12. Check www.RATM.com for the locations to match those dates. ( Thanks to Adam)

Mary Morello speaks out about Mumia - 11-26-99

In a column posted on "The Microphone," an online newsletter devoted to First Amendment issues, Mary Morello pointed out several cases of faulty American justice. "Why is it so strange in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, that there might be evidence which could prove that he is not guilty?" Morello questions. "When a cop is shot someone must be found guilty. As my son Tom says, '...all rational thinking goes out the window.' A cop being killed is no different than any other person being killed. They choose their profession," Mary Morello added.

Ann Burge typed up the whole editorial, read it here.

DJ Quik to remix "Guerrilla Radio" - 11-24-99

Rage requested rapper/producer DJ Quik to remix "Guerrilla Radio". The remix of the Rage single is likely to appear on airwaves in December. Rage and DJ Quik will likely collaborate in the near future, though specifics are not available.

The chat from twec.com is up right here.

Lots of news - 11-20-99

A portion of ticket sales will be going to charities. From Tom Morello: "Much in the way that the Black Panthers, to use an example, who are idols of ours in some ways in that they were tremendously political and tremendously active and confrontational, but they also had like a free breakfast program where they realized that any sort of real change starts with, you know, serving the people as well. So that's one thing that we're very conscious of, and this whole U.S. tour, a portion of the tickets is going to go to local charities and food banks." (Thanks to Mike)

Speaking of the tour, here is the official word on the opening acts: Gangstarr will open the entire tour. Hip-hop act Dilated Peoples will open with Gangstarr for the first five dates. Punk band "At the Drive-In" will open after that, starting November 27 at the Palace at Auburn Hills in the Detroit area. Rage will play the entire tour, respectively. (Thanks to Jonathan Ashley)

Korn were on Much Music the other day, and cited Tom Morello as a major influence on their style. (Thanks to Andrew Hall)

UBL is giving away a Ibanez Aristar AS180 signed by the Rage that features include a maple top, back and sides, a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, standard dot inlay, Ibanez Super 58 pickups and a Full Tune II bridge. 10 runner-ups to the contest will get copies of the new CD.

Dilated Peoples opening for Rage, Rage on Cypress Hill - 11-18-99

The Capitol Records hip-hop outfit Dilated Peoples will open for Rage during the first five dates of the tour. Gangstarr will remain on the bill, as well.

Cypress Hill's new album, "Skull & Bones: Cypress Hill V", due in March, will feature two discs: The second disc containing collaborations with other artists including Rage Against the Machine, Korn, and Fear Factory. (Thanks to Leo)

Brad on Musique Plus - 11-17-99

Brad appeared on Quebec's "Musique Plus", and said this: "We got 3 kinds of fans: First, the people who already got the same kind of idea who listen and go to our show to "remind" and "inspire" them; Second are the ones who like our music, but dont care about the lyrics. They come to our show for a good perfomance, and they have it; Third are the people who love our music, and when they listen to it, they say "Yeah, what they say is right." and they support the movements we support." (Thanks to Patrice Beauvais)

Chuck D cannot get enough Rage. He is raving about them on the Terrordome.

Tom on UK airwaves - false, "Guerrilla TV", FOP boycotts NBC - 11/15/99

Kerrang!'s reporting credibility destroyed, NME reports that the whole ordeal of Tom apparently taking over airwaves in London was actually false.

Something called "Guerrilla TV" will air on Musique Plus - which is the French version of Much Music, in Quebec, Canada. It airs Wednesday.

The Fraternal Order of Police is creating more noise to boycott Rage's support of a fair trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal: They are boycotting NBC, due to Rage's apperance on Conan O'Brien on the 11th. FOP president Gallegos stated: "This is a mediocre band at best, whose real talent is not music, but radical politics. I guess when you lack musical talent, but are good at marketing and anti-everything image, you can still sell records and get on television."

The FOP apparently believes that those who support citizens who seek to the right for a fair trial, are inadvertedly insulting police everywhere. Read the entire article here. E-mail NBC your support for standing up to the FOP, and allowing Rage to play!

Guerrilla Radio, UK? - 11/14/99

According to Kerrang!...

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE invaded London's airwaves last week with their own illegal 'Guerrilla Radio' station - which was broadcast from a tower block in the 'Only Fools And Horses' territory of Peckham! Guitarist Tom Morello appeared as DJ, largely premiering songs from the new album. Between tracks, he took the opportunity to:
  • Dedicate new track 'Voice Of The Voiceless' to Mumia Abu-Jamal. Morello described the journalist as "heroic and courageous", adding that Mumia had been "accused of a crime he did not commit".
  • Accuse a prominent jeans manufacturer (Guess?) of using "sweat shop labour to make their products". "Boycott them," said Morello, or "Rage Against The Machine are coming after ya!"
  • Advocate violence against fascists. "If you see any," quoth Morello, "knock their heads off with a baseball bat!"
  • Announce that Rage will kick off their European tour with a six-date UK tour in late January 2000. "We can't wait to get back!" said Morello.

A popular magazine available in supermarket check-out aisles everywhere called "Newsweek" reviewed Battle of Los Angeles, gave the album 2 stars (!@$RD!?) and had this to say: "A would-be guitar/rap tour de force, sabotaged by polemical hoo-ha. Rage is stuck playing cheerleader for Team Revolution." In the world of 401k's and luxury sports utility vehicles, there is no room in music for a political message - let alone a band using music as a medium to carry political understanding.

The Rage Letterman performance is being repeated this Monday (11/15) at 10pm on CBS.

Philadelphia Radio Station - 11/13/99

WMMR, 93.3FM in Philadelphia apparently supports Mumia's execution quite heavily, and aired a parody song "Die Mumia, Die!" Friday (11/12) morning. The website of an early morning DJ, "Barsky", contains a link to the Daniel Faulkner website. This is a good example of media being a key part of the system. Julia Root thinks that Rage fans who support Mumia should boycott this radio station.

RATM.com update, Rage not played on Veteran's Day? - 11/11/99

The news section of RATM.com has been updated with a "thank you" from Tom regarding the #1 spot BOLA reached on the Billboard top 200 - there is also a multimedia presentation of said thank you.

Rage is on Conan O'Brien tonight.

Mike Christiano has informed me that WAAF radio in Boston, MA made a formal announcement - much like an emergency message - that they will not play Rage Against the Machine the whole day in the spirit of Veteran's Day. The message went something like: "As many of you know, Rage Against the Machine, during their Woodstock performance, took part in a burning of the American flag on stage.  Many people were offended by this, so in honor of the veterans that have fought for this country, we will not play Rage Against the Machine on this station for this entire Veterans Day."

Rage to debut at #1 - 11/10/99

The Battle of Los Angeles will debut at #1 on the Billboard top 200 music charts - easily beating out the 5 other new releases joining it in the top 10 this week, including Mariah Carey's "Rainbow", which was projected to outsell everything. BOLA sold nearly 430,022 as of Sunday, Nov. 7th.

Spin gave the album a 9 out of 10: "They are not, for instance, Fugazi, paragons of punk principle who minimize their contradictions by limiting themselves.  Rage dare you to spot the ironies."

Random craziness - 11/8/99

A Rage fan named Adam noticed some interesting mentionables in the "comrades" list found in The Battle of Los Angeles' linear notes. Highlighted in the list (click left for fullscale image), are the terms: "all my bikes", "Premium Saltine Crackers", and "Textured vegi protein". This is y.tim.k's doing, evidentally: As he is [the one most] interested in mountain biking, according to observations by "Deuce".

Import releases of "Guerrilla Radio" single, BOLA promos - 11/7/99

There are 4 versions of the Guerrilla Radio single. Kirk Smith ran across a German import version containing 4 tracks (Guerrilla Radio [radio edit], The Ghost of Tom Joad, No Shelter,  Freedom [Live].) There is also the U.S. version with two tracks (Guerrilla Radio, Without a Face [live]), and two UK versions: Part one containing 3 tracks (Guerrilla Radio, No Shelter, and Ghost of Tom Joad); And part two also containing 3 tracks: (Guerrilla Radio, Fuck tha Police, and Freedom). 2 vinyl pressings are also available. One 7" limited/numbered edition from the UK with 2 tracks (Guerrilla Radio, The Ghost of Tom Joad), and one 7" version given away at Towr Records release parties that contains the same tracks as the US CD version.

"Mega" music stores everywhere are giving away a free limited edition promo upon the purchase of "The Battle of Los Angeles", containing only two tracks: "Clear the Lane (rare), and "Hadda be Playin' on the Jukebox" (live). This CD single is red. Someone has also reported finding a promo for Battle of Los Angeles containing 8 tracks from the album - with a different version of "Guerrilla Radio" containing different lyrics towards the end. (No "It has to start somwhere/It has to start somehow...") Any more info on this would be appreciated.

"RageTV" on MTV, Rage in Rolling Stone - 11/5/99

Rage took over MTV airwaves for a half hour on the 2nd, with what was called "RAGEtv". Seth Leibowitz wrote a good review of the whole ordeal here - check it out. (He's also looking for a girl he met there, so if you are female, and attended the show, definately read this).

Rage is in the 11/25/99 issue of Rolling Stone. I transcribed the long article while listening to Bob Marley. Access it here. The pictures can be found in the Pictures section of this site. There is also a huge Tom Morello feature in Guitar World, check out the trancription by DReese7@aol.com here.

BOLA released, Rage on Letterman - 11/3/99

David Desola: When you open the case and take out the CD you'll notice that there's a picture of a palm tree next to a telephone pole.  That is probably the most clever visual metaphor I've seen in ages. Think about it in context of the album [title/theme]: (Rich vs. poor, industrial vs. agricultural, urban vs. rural, technology vs. nature, etc.)

Rage was on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, and after two guests and some hilarious comedy involving David Letterman imitating "Rage" and questioning what Rage was "so angry about", they played "Guerrilla Radio" outside on 53rd St. There was a webcast on the David Letterman website that was unedited, and showed Rage's short set, which was:

Guerrilla Radio (Zack comes out yelling "Free Mumia Abu Jamal")
Bulls on Parade
People of the Sun
....Zack..."What do you guys wanna hear?  Anything?"
Killing in the Name
....Zack..."Thanks alot.  Thank you."
Thanks to Kirk Smith for this info.

An MP3 of the performance is in the media section, or right here.

Gangstarr to open for Rage, Mexico City - 10-30-99

Gangstarr has been comfirmed as the opening act for Rage's tour which kicks of November 19th in Oakland, California.

Here's MTV's news about the show in the Mexico City:

"...The show stirred up a bit of trouble when a number of fans without tickets attempted to crash the gates of the Palacio de los Deportes, prompting police in riot gear to move in to contain the situation."

"...The band also used the opportunity to roll out the new, unreleased song "Zapata's Song," which was inspired by Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata.

"The show was captured by an MTV film crew and will air as a concert special on November 5. The special will cap off a big week for the band that will see "The Battle Of Los Angeles" hit stores on November 2, and Rage play in midtown Manhattan that same day for a taping of "The Late Show With David Letterman." The group will then stop by MTV's studios on Wednesday, November 3 for a half-hour live special following that day's edition of "Total Request Live."

"The band has now added an in-store appearance to its schedule and will swing by the Virgin Megastore in Times Square at 5:45 p.m. on November 3 to greet fans."

If "Zapata's Song" is different than "Zapata's Blood", then this is entirely new song. My guess is that MTV had a typo, however.

With all this talk of media corporation MTV, we almost forgot about another syndicate that Rage uses for the distribution of truth: HBO. HBO will start airing a segment on the Tibetan Freedom Concert that includes Rage's set on "Reverb". Date: November 2.

Rage #12 of 101 Events that Shaped the 90s - 10-28-99

Rage Against the Machine appear on Q101 Radio in Chicago's list of "The 101 Events that Shaped the 90s" at #12. This adds to the growing number of impact rating lists Rage have found themselves placed in for radio station promotions.

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