Rage Against the Machine Lyrics

Sound Of the Police


Woop-woop!That's the sound of da police!Woop-woop!
That's the sound of the beast!

Verse One:

Stand clear!  Don man a-talk
You can't stand where I stand, you can't walk where I walk
Watch out!  We run New YorkPolice man come, we bust him out the park
I know this for a fact, you don't like how I actYou claim I'm sellin' crack
But you be doin' thatI'd rather say "see ya"Cause I would never be ya
Be a officer?  You WICKED overseer!Ya hotshot, wanna get props and be a
First show a little respect, change your behavior
Change your attitude, change your plan
There could never really be justice on stolen land
Are you really for peace and equality?
Or when my car is hooked up, you know you wanna follow meYour laws are
Cause you won't even think about lookin' at the real criminal
This has got to ceaseCause we be getting HYPED to the sound of da police!


Verse Two:

Now here's a likkle truth
Open up your eye
While you're checking out the boom-bap, check the exercise
Take the word "overseer," like a sample
Repeat it very quickly in a crew for exampleOverseerOverseerOverseerOverseer
Officer, Officer, Officer, Officer!Yeah, officer from overseer
You need a little clarity?Check the similarity!
The overseer rode around the plantation
The officer is off patroling all the nation
The overseer could stop you what you're doing
The officer will pull you over just when he's pursuing
The overseer had the right to get ill
And if you fought back, the overseer had the right to kill
The officer has the right to arrest
And if you fight back they put a hole in your chest!
(Woop!) They both ride horsesAfter 400 years, I've _got_ no choices!
The police them have a little gun
So when I'm on the streets, I walk around with a bigger one
(Woop-woop!) I hear it all day
Just so they can run the light and be upon their way


Verse Three:

Check out the message in a rough styleeThe real criminals are the C-O-P
You check for undercover and the one PD
But just a mere Black man, them want check me
Them check out me car for it shine like the sun
But them jealous or them vexed cause them can't afford one
Black people still slaves up til today
But the Black police officer nah see it that wayHim want a salaryHim want it
So he put on a badge and kill people for it
My grandfather had to deal with the copsMy great-grandfather dealt with the
My GREAT grandfather had to deal with the cops
And then my great, great, great, great... when it's gonna stop?!

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