Rage Against the Machine Biographical

Timeline of Inside Out

1988 (circa)
Zack's dissatisfaction in just playing guitar in Hardstance inspires him to start Inside Out so he can get behind a mic and better express himself. The original band members are Vladim on drums, Sterling Wilson on bass, and Rob Hayworth on guitars.

They play a few shows, but without much response. The band goes "on hold."

Vic moves to California from NY. Tom Capone, the guitarist in Vic's former band (Beyond) gives Vic's phone number to Chris Bratton (Drummer in Chain of Strength). Chris calls Vic to form a band with Ryan (Chain Gits) for Dave Smally. Smally disses them, the band disbands, but Alex (Chain Bass) meets Vic during the rehersals, and inspires Zack to restart Inside Out with him (Alex) on Drums, Vic on guitar, and Sterling on bass.

They play shows in so cal. The response is overwhelming. Leads to 1989-90 "Summer of Inside Out" in So Cal Hardcore scene.

Inability to show up at practices and some personal issues cause Inside Out to get rid of Alex and replace him with Chris Bratton. Relationship strains between Sterling and Zack are the main reason Sterling leaves the band and is replaced by Mark Hayworth on bass.

Inside Out plays more shows with this lineup, and record a 5 song demo at PenDragon studios. "Summer of Inside Out" continues full force.

Vic's connection with Hare Krishna and previous NYC relations get Ray Cappo (YOT) to promote the demo to Revelation Records, who agrees to publish the recording. (Unfortunately, they take over a year to release it: and it comes out practically after the band breaks up).

Ray tries through Vic to get Inside Out onto a Krishna-core 7" split with Shelter, called "Religious persecution." Zack backs out at the last moment. (Something Vic wasn't happy about, but is now). The seven inch never comes out.

Personal differences between Zack and Chris, as well as a misunderstanding that causes the band to think Chris stole equiptment from a show (later found to be untrue, Chris was innocent) causes Inside Out to get rid of Chris. Alex returns to Drums.

Ray books Inside Out on Shelter's East Coast tour with Quicksand, along with a busload of Hare Krishnas. During this tour Ray and others orchestrate Vic's depening connection to ISKCON and Shelter. Eventually, Ray gets Vic to quit Inside Out to join Shelter. This was done at the show at the Vic Theatre in Chicago.

A string of guitarists are tried, including Mike Down, Mike Rosas, and the original Rob Hayworth. Inside Out soon descides to call it quits. Zack meets Tom Morello and starts Rage Against the Machine.

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