Rage Against the Machine Biographical

Brad Wilk: Drums / Percussion

Brad Wilk was born in Portland Oregon, in 1968. Brad is probably the most well rounded member of the band, emotionally and socially speaking, and the least political. He was interested in playing with Rage more for the music than the politics, although his experience with the band's career was one of mutual education, and he certainly is politically conscious. His father died during the Lollapalooza tour in 1994, which was troubling for Brad. He'll never put alot of value on money, because his father was obsessed with it which caused him to never see what really mattered in life. Wilk moved around alot as a child with his father's changing jobs. He is most likely, the one of the band who cares alot about others feelings, not just his own. He says, "I just wish sometimes I could be a fucking asshole."

He is notorious for smoking marijuana, and, along with Tim, uses the herb to create one of the tightest rhythm sections of all time. One of the best things to do is watch Brad when he is high; Such as this photograph at the Grammys.

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