Kerrang! Challenge

The Contestant: Tom Morello, purveyor of mad guitar sounds with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE
Specialist Subject: Shouting at automated equipment

1. Where did your fave American football team the St. Louis Rams play before they moved to St. Louis?
Tom: Is this a test? Los Angeles, and they were the Cleveland Rams before that.

2.  Which bands last album was titled 'Around the Fur'?
Tom: I believe that was the Deftones.  I like them, they seemed like nice guys when I met them, Their manager used to be our manager - and the less said about him, the better!

3. Who played the title role in the 1982 movie 'Ghandi'?
Tom: He's a brilliant actor, who also played another one of my favorite characters...I can't remember the fellow's name.  I don't like movies so much, I'm sorry."

4.  Who was responsible for first coining the term 'Evil Empire'?
Tom: I dont know if I've heard it before Ronald Reagan said it.  That was who we excerpted it from, when he referred to the Soviet Union as it in a speech.

5.  Where were Rodney King's assailants tried and found innocent?
Tom: Simi Vally, California, was where the trial was held, but Rodney King was beaten somewhere else.

6. Name the current album by DMX.
Tom: "And Then There Was X." and its good.

7. Who is the new CEO of Microsoft?
Tom: There's a new CEO?  I didn;t know that.  Bill Gates must have stepped down to take up the rol of God! The CEO of Miscrosoft didn't make him enough money, I guess.

8. Who does Antonio Banderas play in the film Evita?
Tom:  Embarrassingly, he plays Che Guevara.  I didnt see the movie, but that's a real conceptual flaw!

9.  Name the four 'South Park' kids.
Tom: Ha! I love South Park, but I don't know their names! Cartmans all I can remember.  They're fantastic though.

10. What are the key ingredients in the traditional English dish 'bubble and squeak?'
Tom: I refuse to answer cheeky questions like that!

11. Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald?
Tom: Are you asking me to name the guy that everybody knows about? Then it's Jack Ruby.

12.  What name is given to the body a parasite feeds on?
Tom: The host, of course.

13.  Who writes the 'Harry Potter' books?
Tom: Oh, I don't know.  My girlfriend has a copy of one of them, and it looks so 'Chronicles Of Narnia' to me that I don't have any interest in it.  Give me the good, old-fashioned 'Lord of the Rings'! Frodo lives!

14. Agoraphobia is the fear of what?
Tom: Interviews with Kerrang! Next question, please!

15. On what street in Beverly Hills will you find the Guess? retail store?
Tom: Hmm, I'm not sure of that one.."
Kerrang: Its a Rage Against the Machine themed question.
Tom: Okay, then might it be Rodeo Drive? I didnt know that actually. I dont spend too much of my time on Rodeo Drive - I just have the occassional drive-by.

Quizmaster: Joshua Sindell.
Final Score: 9/15.  Oh dear.  And we expected so much more from Harvard University graduate Tom...