Rage Against the Machine begin the Battle of Los Angeles
Interview from Australia

In a politically dominating world, run by majorities and often sometimes minorities, it was only a matter of time before someone would stand up.

Rage Against The Machine is the perfect metaphor for the power of the people.

Their once-unique blend of hip-hop and metal has inspired a whole bunch of neo-metal outfits since then, none had the same effect.

Beat-master Brad Wilk speaks to Undercover's Tim Cashmere

TC Perhaps you could give us a run through on the new album, it seems to be sounding a lot like previous releases.

BW I think it has the basic essential qualities of Rage Against The Machine. I think you only got five tracks though, and there's twelve songs on the record and I think you got the first five, which probably sound more like the last Rage Against The Machine stuff than anything. But after the first five I think it takes a twist and it just becomes a much broader record. So I think that there's nine years of growth in musicianship and just songwriting in general to offer and I think it's by far actually our best record we've made to date.

TC What sort of issues do you deal with in this one?

BW Well I deal specifically with kick drums, floor toms, high hats and snare drums, but Zack is the one who writes all the lyrics and he deals with everything from the Mumia case and what's going on in Mexico with the Zapatista's among other things. Actually I haven't even received a lyric sheet as of yet, so I have a lot of questions for Zack as of now, because the record has just been finished about a week ago, so it's hard for me to completely answer that question.

TC You've got Guerilla Radio as the first single, what makes that one the "chosen one" so to speak?

BW I think we chose that one because we haven't put out a record in four years and we all thought that it was a song that definitely when you hear it, it sounds like Rage Against The Machine. I think there is a lot of bands surging right now that are kind of on the Rage Against The Machine tip, and I think that it's a great first single to open up with and re-aquatint the world with Rage Against The Machine and from there it's a great place to grow from.

TC Maybe I'm just hearing things but did I hear a harmonica solo in that?

BW Absolutely not that's guitar, that's funny though.