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Now choose which types of video you want to see.

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Short clips


Complete videos
low quality - up to 10 MB

Complete MPEG videos
high quality - 25-100 MB
- Music Videos
      - Live Performances
There are now three different ways of getting the video you want:
1 - Surf to the No Doubt International Fanclub and see if they have it there (on the bottom of the Eyes & Ears page ,they have a lot!)
2 -  Contact me on ICQ (46485562) and I will send the video to you. Make sure you e-mail me, saying that you added me on ICQ, so I will know even when my ICQ is off.
3 - Join #no-doubt on Undernet (mIRC)

thanks to Phil (aka ndfan) - see his list here (http://no-doubt.vze.com)
see my list here                                               

  Hi No Doubt Fans!

  #No-Doubt is a channel on mIRC that allows you to download No Doubt files served by other fans.
  You will find there only stuff (audio & video) that cannot be bought on the market (live concerts,
  bootlegs, b-sides, etc.)

  To join us, follow these simple steps:

  1. Get a program called "mIRC" either on www.mirc.com or www.download.com.

  2. Once the program is installed, open it and go in the mIRC options.

  3. Fill in your nickname, e-mail address, etc. and make sure you select UNDERNET as the IRC
  network and then click on Ok.

  4. Click on the yellow thunderbolt to connect. The thunderbolt is at the left top of the screen.

  5. Once you are connected to "Undernet", type in the main channel: /join #no-doubt

  6. Then you are done, you should enter a channel and see us. People who serve usually advertise in
  the channel every 6-7 mins. Read the advertisements.

  7. If you have more questions, ask anyone in the channel::: WE ARE ALL VERY NICE !

  8. For specific questions about the channel or the website, contact "ndfan".