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September 30, 2000: Calendar

There is an official No Doubt calendar out for the year 2001. Take a look at it in the Collection.

Radio Music Awards
from RockOnTV (thanks Jason Arthur)

Radio will honor its own when the radio industry unites with the recording industry to bring "The Radio Music Awards," which will be broadcast live from the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Confirmed performers include music sensations Eminem, Dr. Dre, Christina Aguilera, Enrique Iglesias, No Doubt and 98 Degrees. Award presenters include Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Martin and Pink. Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray will serve as one of the three show runners for the television event.

About The Radio Music Awards:
The two-hour special will recognize the achievements of recording artists and radio personalities in the musical formats of Top 40/Pop radio, Pop Alternative radio, Hip Hop/Rhythmic radio, Alternative/Rock radio and Country radio.

The award will be broadcased by ABC on Saturday - November 04, 2000 from 09:00 pm - 11:00 pm ET

"South Side"

Listen to Moby and Gwen on the song "South Side". The song will be released to radio on October 9th.

September 28, 2000: "Bathwater" single
from Take40.com

BathwaterNo Doubt is featured artist on Take40.com and there is some info on the site about No Doubt like a biography, tours, interview in audio, top 5 facts and downloads, but the most important is the discography, which already inludes a cover picture of the single "Bathwater". It is a picture from the "Return of Saturn" booklet. Because Take40.com is an Australian site it must be the cover of the Australian "Bathwater" single.


September 27, 2000: "Bathwater" single

The single "Bathwater" will come out in the first 2 weeks of October and will contain the following songs:

1. Bathwater
2. Beauty Contest
3. Under Construction
4. Ex-Girlfriend - live

September 26, 2000: "Bathwater" video

"Bathwater" didn't premiere on TRL last night, but they will show it if everybody votes for it. The video is also playing on VH1 now. There is a 30 second clip on MTV, you can watch it here.

September 25, 2000: Australian "Bathwater" release
from HMV.com

"Bathwater" will be released in Austrialia on October 3.

September 23, 2000: Bathwater premiere
from nodoubt.com

"Bathwater" will premiere on MTV's TRL, Monday September 25.

Madonna's record release party
from KROQ.com

When Madonna throws a party, everybody comes. No Doubt's Gwen Stefani and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine were among the 600-plus guests spotted Tuesday night at a party hosted by Madonna to celebrate her just-released album, "Music."
For the party, Stefani traded in her favorite fashion accessory, boyfriend Bush singer Gavin Rossdale, for another guy. Stefani made the scene with Guy Oseary, an executive at the Madonna-owned label, Maverick Records, which immediately set tongues wagging that she and Rossdale have called it quits. Stay tuned.

September 22, 2000: MADtv

No Doubt performed "Bathwater" and "Staring Problem" at the taping of Fox's MADtv yesterday in Los Angeles. They did Bathwater twice. The fact that they played "Staring Problem" could mean that this is going to be the next single after "Bathwater". I'm not saying it IS, but it could be. The show will be on Fox October 7 at 11:00 PM.

from VH1.com

Go to VH1.com to see a video clip of the original "Don't Speak" from the Storytellers performance. Storytellers will air this Saturday and will be repeated 3 times, so you can't miss it! (see Appearances).


Appearantly, Gwen went to the record release party of Madonna's new album in Los Angeles. If any of the other bandmembers were there is not known.


After 22 weeks "Return of Saturn" drops out of the Billboard 200.
09/30/00 - this info was not correct, they dropped below postition 100

September 20, 2000: Bathwater premiere

I just finished listening to No Doubt's chat on MSN.com and it was very funny. The most important thing is that Gwen said: "Look out for our new video that will premiere this Monday". I guess this means that the video can be seen on MTV and another music stations starting Monday.

VH1 MusicAwards

No Doubt is already listed as a nominee in the categories "2 for 2", "Group of the Year", "Best Live Act" and "Giving it Back". Suggest Gwen as a nominee in the "Woman of the Year" category and suggest my site as "Coolest Fan Website" (please :). I'm sure you can think of some other categories that No Doubt should be in, like "Song I'd Like To See On The Show", so go vote now!

UK Simple Kind of Life postphoned
from NDIFC.com

"The UK 2 CD set of  "Simple Kind of Life" got postponed, it will not be released until September 25"

Gwen and Tom guest appearance
from NDIFC.com

"The secret guest at the Mint last night, where Gwens sister Jill Stefani performed, was no other than Gwen Stefani and Tom Dumont. Gwen sang with her sister, and one of the songs they performed was "Suspension without Suspense". They also played a lot of never-before-heard material. People said it was great, and if you ever get a chanse to see Jill Stefani perform, then don't hesistate, just go see it and you will see an amazing performance."

September 19, 2000: Vote
from no-doubt.net

Billboard is having a poll that let's the fans vote for this years FAN.tastic Video. There are five songs up for the nomination and one of them includes "Simple Kind of Life". Currently, it is in the lead, so go vote and keep it that way.

September 18, 2000: Win
from Girlfriends LA

On Girlfriends LA they have a contest where you can win a trip to the Los Angeles Staples Center in December to see the Jingle Ball Concert featuring No Doubt, 98 degrees, 3eb, BBMak, and more. Click here to enter.

Gwen duets with Moby
from Sonicnet

"No Doubt singer duets on techno producer's re-recorded version of Play's 'South Side.'

Moby has re-recorded "South Side," from his critically acclaimed album Play, as a duet with No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani. The song will be released to radio on Oct. 9 and will be available as a commercial single in November, packaged with several presently unconfirmed remixes. According to Moby's spokesperson, the two have been friends for a long time and recently recorded the track together. ..."


Just take a look at the scroller on the bottom of the page, you will see a lot of categories in which you can vote for No Doubt. Make No Doubt number 1 in every category!

September 17, 2000: Official News
from nodoubt.com

Jill Stefani (with special guests) will be playing at The Mint in Los Angeles this Sunday, September 17th. The show is at 9pm; 21 and over only. A limited number of tickets will be available for $10 at The Mint box office the night of the show. You can also purchase tickets online at acteva.com/go/themint

September 16, 2000: See No Doubt in Bangkok
from KROQ.com

KROQ Sends You to Spend One Night in Bangkok With No Doubt

Listen to KROQ every hour all weekend for your chance to win airfare, hotel accommodations, spending cash, and tickets to see No Doubt when they play one of the most exotic cities on the planet: Bangkok, Thailand. Just be caller 20 when Gwen tells you to call (800) 520-1067. Everyone who qualifies gets a copy of No Doubt's "Return of Saturn" CD

September 14, 2000: Official News
from nodoubt.com

Chat with No Doubt! September 20th at 8 PM (EST) on MSN.com. More details soon!

Bathwater! The video has been shot so keep your eyes open for it to premiere on MTV soon!

September 13, 2000: VH1 MusicAwards
from VH1.com

Over at VH1.com they are creating a new kind of show. It's called "My Music Awards" and its created entirely by music fans. You can pick the award categories, the nominees and the winners! Go there and suggest some categories and nominate No Doubt for them! The Awards will be live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on November 30.

September 11, 2000: Bathwater

The first promo CDs of  "Bathwater" are now available on Ebay! Check them out.

September 9, 2000: Vote
from nodoubt.com

On the official site you can vote for your favorite song from "Return of Saturn". This is what members of "Team Saturn" got in their email:

 "Don't forget to go to nodoubt.com and vote for your favorite song from "Return of Saturn". We are taking the winning song and making something really cool for you guys!".

 So go vote now!

from radio538.nl

The Dutch radio station Radio 538 is putting together an "Alarmschijf Top 100" list. "Ex-Girlfriend" was the Alarmschijf (song that gets played once every 2 hours) in April 2000. Pick 3 songs (including "Ex-Girlfriend"), fill in the form and make "Ex-Girlfriend" number 1! Go here to see the list. The form is on the bottom.

September 6, 2000: Simple Kind of Life
from Lauren (Artificially Tragic)

The "Simple Kind of Life" 2 CD set is due for release on 18th September 2000

1. Simple Kind of Life - album version
2. Ex-Girlfriend - 04/11/00 No Doubt Fan Conference @ Artist Direct
3. Cellophane Boy

1. Simple Kind of Life - album version
2. Beauty Contest
3. Under Construction
4. Simple Kind of Life - video

Wether this single has the same artwork as the USA or Holland releases remains to be seen.

from no-doubt.net

"No Doubt performed "Bathwater" on Farmclub.com last Tuesday night (August 29). Green Day came out first and did five songs or so, and then No Doubt came out. The band played the intro to the song and right before Gwen sang, "You, and your museum...", something happened to Tom's guitar! So they fixed the problem, and did the song over again from the top. After No Doubt was Mandy Moore. Adrian had little baby devil horns again and they were colored red. Gwen was wearing jeans and she was wearing the same top she wore for the cover of RETURN OF SATURN. She also had on this really pretty jean jacket that had a lot of studs on it and it was painted with nice designs all over with white paint and it was very pretty on the back. Her sleeves had stars on them. Her hair was mostly all platinum blonde again except in the middle, but it was a VERY faded pink, and the tips in the back were black. Tom wore all black and he had on some glasses too. Tony wore a black shirt that read NASTY on it in red. They all looked great and the show rocked!"


Site of the Month This site was voted site of the month for September on Comforting Lie, by visitors to that site. Thanks for that!

September 5, 2000: Simple Kind of Life

Appearantly "Simple Kind of Life" will be released in the U.K. on September 18th. No news yet on wether it will be a 2 CD set (as they usually have in the U.K.) or not.
"Simple Kind if Life" is also released on a 7" vinyl, with "Ex-Girlfriend" on side B. The record has no cover, but it comes in a plain white sleeve. This record was released on 08/15/00 in U.S.A. and Canada and can be ordered at cdeurope.com.

Gwen's hair
For those of you who didn't know, Gwen's hair is back to blonde again (too bad for those with a pink No Doubt website :-)


In its 20th week, "Return of Saturn" drops only 1 place to number 86 in the Billboard 200.