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October 26, 2000: Letterman
from nodoubt.com

Gwen will be performing with Moby on The Late Show with David Letterman on November 6th. She will join Moby on their song "South Side Remix". Check local listings for specific times.

October 24, 2000: ARIAs
No Doubt will be guest appearing at the Arias (The Australian Recording Industry Awards) on Tuesday October 24. This award show will only be broadcasted in Australia

Billboard Music Video Awards
from Billboard.com

Online voting for the FAN.tastic Video of the Year has closed. The winner will be announced at the Billboard Music Video Awards, November 10 in Los Angeles. Go here for a list of all the nominees


There is a rumor going around that No Doubt will be going into the studio in November to work on their new album that will be released sometimes next year. If this is true, the "Return of Saturn" tour may be over after Australia and there will not be a European tour.

October 20, 2000: VH1 Fashion Awards
from Jennie

No Doubt  won "Most Fashionable Video"for "Ex-Girlfriend" at the Fashion Awards, they accepted the award via satellite. The Smashing Pumpkins won for "Visionary Video".

VH1 My Music Awards
from Jason Arthur

"Hey fellow No Doubt fans...
As you may or may not know, No Doubt is up for a few awards at the VH1's My Music Awards show.  One of the awards that they are up for is the "GIVIN' IT BACK" award.  If you have ever met No Doubt you know how much they deserve this award.  I have not met many celebrities, in fact No Doubt are the only celebrities I have met and I know that there is NO other band that treats their fans as well as they do.  If you ever wanted to give something back to the band now is your chance!!!  The other award they are up for are the best live act.  I know they deserve both and we can make it happen!!

Also, write No Doubt in as the best fan site too.

Jason Arthur"

October 16, 2000: Vote for "Bathwater" on TRL
from K-Doubt

On Monday, October 16th K-Doubt Radio, with participation from other No Doubt websites, is urging ALL No Doubt fans to vote for "Bathwater" on TRL.  Our goal is to get the video on Tuesday's show.

Here's how to vote:

Call 1-800-DIAL-MTV (342-5688)

Click here to vote on MTV.com

October 10, 2000: Vote for Gwen
from Sunpistgroves

You can vote for Gwen as CosmoGirl of the Year. As I am writing this Gwen is on number 4, we need a lot of votes to get her to number 1!

October 5, 2000: "Bathwater" single

It looks like the "Bathwater" single will only be released in Australia! And although some online stores list a release date of October 3, the single won't be in the stores (in Australia) untill Monday October 9.

October 4, 2000: Australian "Bathwater" single
from ImportCD.com (thanks Adam)

The Australian "Bathwater" single contains the following tracks:
1. Bathwater
2. Beauty Contest
3. Under Construction
4. Cellophane Boy
5. Ex-Girlfriend (live)

October 3, 2000: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GWEN

Gwen celebrates her 31st birthday today, so happy birthday to her!

Return of Saturn
from ImportCD.com (thanks Jason Arthur)

On October 9 a special U.K. edition of "Return of Saturn" will be released, featuring CD-Rom videos of "Ex-Girlfriend" and  "Simple Kind Of Life". It will contain the 15 tracks that are on the European "Return of Saturn" edition and the two videos. You can pre-order it at ImportCD.com.

Online Music Awards 2000

Vote for this site in Online Music AwardsPlease vote for my site on the dotmusic People's Choice Awards Site. That is the place to vote for your favourite music website. dotmusic is hosting the People's Choice Award - the only award to be voted for by you the fans.

The OMAS (Online Music Awards) have been designed specifically to reward the creativity, innovation and technical wizardry of music companies, fans and artists on the web.

The OMAS will be held on November 23rd at the Roundhouse in London's Camden Town - the venue famous for hosting gigs by Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Jam and Bowie.

Site of the Month

Congratulations to no-doubt.net for winning Site of the Month for October. Keep voting for next month's Site of the Month.

October 1, 2000: Calendar

As I mentioned yesterday, There is an official No Doubt calendar out for the year 2001. For those of you that want to get one, you can buy it at Yahoo Shopping.

Moby update
from Moby Online

Joseph Kahn directed the video for "South Side", Moby's latest single, which features a guest vocal performance by Gwen. Joseph is the winner of a 2000 MTV Video Award. The video was shot last weekend (September 23 and 24) in Los Angeles.
"South Side" will be released as a CD single on November 7th on V2 Records and will hit the radio airwaves on October 9th. It is also said that a 12" vinyl will be released with extra remixes on it. Howerver, this is not confirmed yet.