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October 31, 1999: Gwen on Bush album
from NDIFC

Bush released their cd "The Science Of Things". For all you collectors be sure to pick up the CD because Gwen is featured as a backup vocalist on a track called "Spacetravel" (Track 5 on the CD). And in the section with thank you's Gavin mentions Gwen's name first. 

Check out a sample of the track here

October 27, 1999: No No Doubt show on New Years Eve
from NDIFC

It's now confirmed that there will be no No Doubt concert on new years eve. Some of you might got a bit dissapointed after reading the interview in issue #4 of TK magazine where Tony said that they all really, really want to play that night.

But as times have approached, it seems like there are no possible way for them to play that night. Most of the big venues across the world has already been booked, and therefore the band decided to stay close to home, to spend time with their families. And they certanly deserves that, right?

The band is currently working hard in the studio to get the final tracks of the new album done. They want the new album out real soon, just as much as the fans. Now look forward to the album release in February, and the upcoming worldtour that will start around March 2000.

October 14, 1999: No Doubt wedding?

Adrian Young has proposed to his girlfriend Nina recently at the Palo Alto show on Sunday and she accepted.

October 8, 1999: Gwen's Songs

In an interview on last night's Artist Direct Online Music Awards Gwen reveiled that she wrote two songs for the new album all by herself. The songs are "Simple Kind Of Life" and "Suspension Without Suspense".

October 7, 1999: More songs
from NDIFC

As time progresses, more and more songs for the new album are reveiled. For the time being, this is what could end up on the next album:
New -  Magic In The Make-up - Touch And Go - Comfort In Lie - My Big Distraction - Dark Blue - Everything Always -
I'm Pregant - Bathwater - Too Late Now - You're So Foxy - Waiting Room - Cellophane Boy - Six Feet Under - Staring Problem -
Ex Girlfriend - Simple Kind Of Life - Marry Me

October 3, 1999: Gwen's birthday

Gwen turned 30 today, so happy birthday to her!

Rumors say Gwen broke up with Gavin, and that Gavin was seen with Amanda de Cadenet

October 2, 1999: New songs

When No Doubt performed yesterday for the first time in a long time, they played some of the new songs that might end up on the new album. The songs are "Six Feet Under", "Staring Problem" and "Ex Girlfriend".