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November 18, 1999: Guiness
from Doubtless

No Doubt is in The 1999 Edition of Guiness Book of World Records for the longest number of weeks for having a number 1 song ("Don't Speak" for 16 weeks)

November 11, 1999:
from MTV Online

Gwen has braces! She was spotted with a full set of silver braces on her upper and lower teeth at last week's Rage Against The Machine show in Los Angeles. Gwen is trying to tighten the bridge between her teeth and will only be fitted with the braces for the next six weeks while No Doubt finishes up its next album, which is expected to arrive early next year.

from nodoubt.com

The releasse date for the new album is still unknown, we might have to wait till springtime. The working title for the new album is still "Artificial Sweetener". Once the album is in the stores, No Doubt will take of on their World Tour. Around Christmas 2000 they're going to put out "Live in the Tragic Kingdom" on DVD, which will include all kinds of extra footage. 

November 3, 1999: Album title
from NDIFC

Gwen Stefani has said that "The Return of Saturn" is one of her favorite titles among the choices the band is currently mulling over.