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JUNE 2000
June 28, 2000: DJ's
from VH1

Goofin' Off atWork 
Hear what happens when Bay Area Ska meets our studio when the guys from No Doubt take-over our airwaves! 
No Doubt, Goofin' Off atWork - Wednesday, 2 PM EST

June 25, 2000: Charts

After "Return of Saturn" climbed to 42 last week, this week it drops to number 48 in the Billboard 200.
"Simple Kind of Life" is now on number 12 in the Dutch Tipparade, still 12 places away from entering the Top 40.

June 23, 2000: Tour

Yesterday's news is not completeley correct as some have you may already have noticed. On the official website tour dates have been added for Japan in late September and early October. Visit the tour section for more info...

June 22, 2000: Tour
from NDIFC

No Doubt is currently on tour, having a very hectic schedule. They won't be returning to California until August 5th. When the US tour comes to an end, they will take a well deserved break to rest until the end of August. The European tour will start September. After doing Europe, they will do one show in Tokyo on September 30th, and then Australia in October this year.

June 19, 2000: Tour
from Wall of Sound

No Doubt to Play Warped Minneapolis
It will be Old Home Week when the Vans Warped Tour 2000 hits Minneapolis July 11. No Doubt, Lit, and Black Eyed Peas all veterans of previous Warped excursions will be joining the tour's already formidable array of extreme talent, which includes Green Day, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Papa Roach, and Jurassic 5. No Doubt co-headlined the first Warped tour, back in 1995, with Sublime, while Lit and Black Eyed Peas both appeared in the 1999 line-up.


"Return of Saturn" has climbed again from number 47 to 42 in its 9th week in the Billboard 200.
"Simple Kind of Life" is now on number 15 in the Dutch Tipparade.

June 14, 2000: Album
from Billboard.com

"Return of Saturn" is still selling. Two weeks ago it went Gold (500,000 units sold) and is now awarded with a Platinum certificate (1 million units sold)

June 13, 2000: Poster
from 123Poster3.com

There's a new poster of No Doubt, you can get it at 123Posters. You can also vote for No Doubt on this site. Look at the right-middle on the main page, it's called "Star Wars"

June 12, 2000: Charts

"Return of Saturn" is now on number 47 in its 8th week in the Billboard 200.
In it's second week "Simple Kind of Life" is still not in the Dutch Top 40, but it is on number 22 (last week 28) in the Tipparade, the chart that lists new releases. So it's on 40+22=62, and I don't expect it to climb very fast, sadly.

June 6, 2000: Vote
from Fabio

Vote for No Doubt on the "Rock in Rio" poll, it's a rock concert held in Brazil. Select No Doubt and push the "Enviar" button. You can vote by clicking here and you can vote more than once! (hint-hint)

June 4:

No Doubt is on a new compilation CD called "MTV Fresh". It's a CD with fresh songs from MTV Europe, so it's probably only available in Europe.

"Don't Speak" was on the number 9 spot in the "Top 90 from the '90s" on TMF. In 1999 this song was number 4.

"Return of Saturn" received a Gold Album Certification on May 31st, selling 500,000 album units since it was released on April 11, 2000. It is now on number 39 in its 7th week in the Billboard 200.

June 2, 2000: Teen Choice Awards
from Jenny

No Doubt is nominated for best rock group in this years Teen Choice Awards, If you care to, please go vote

June 1, 2000: "Simple Kind of Life" domestic release
from  CDNOW.com

The new single won't be released solely as an import, but also as a domestic release. The release date for the USA is set to June 13.