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January 30, 2000: Video

The video for "Ex-Girlfriend will premier on MTV (US) on February 7th, in a show called "Making Of The Video".

January 25, 2000: Video and track listing
from nodoubt.com and CDNOW

The video for "X-Girlfriend" (or is it "Ex-Girlfriend"?) was shot yesterday in Los Angeles and fifty lucky fans were able to be in the video if they had emailed their name and number.

After considerable song-swapping and other such rearranging, mostly due to an abundance of new material, the members of No Doubt have settled on a final track listing for their upcoming fourth album, Return of Saturn, which will be released by Interscope Records on April 11.

The first single and video from the 14-song album will be "Ex-Girlfriend," which is already getting some alternative radio play. The follow-up track will be "Simple Kind of Life," one of two songs on the new album written entirely by singer Gwen Stefani.

Track listing for Return of Saturn is as follows:

1. "Ex-Girlfriend"
2. "Simple Kind of Life"
3. "Bathwater"
4. "Six Feet Under"
5. "Magic's in the Makeup"
6. "Artificial Sweetener"
7. "Marry Me"
8. "New"
9. "Too Late"
10. "Comforting Lie"
11. "Suspension Without Suspense"
12. "Staring Problem"
13. "Home Now"
14. "Dark Blue"

January 21, 2000: Wedding! (part 2)
from Kerrang magazine (jan 2000)

"No Doubt drummer Adrian Young has done the decent thing and got himself married. The man who likes to take to the stage in his birthday suit and wiggle his penis is now officially spoken for! Adrian proposed to his girlfriend at the Filmore in San Francisco, and a few months later, on January 17th, the couple held an intimate (well a few hundred people) wedding in the back garden of their home in Long Beach, California.

The band`s long-awaited new album "The Return of Saturn" is now due for a UK release in April. Among the tracks set to feature are "Bathwater" and "Ex-Girlfriend". You might take the latter title to reflect singer Gwen Stefani`s split with Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale - were it not for the rumours that they`re back together. Maybe they were inspired by Adrian`s wedding. Kerrang! wishes both couples all the best."

January 18, 2000: European tour
from NDIFC

No Doubt will tour around Europe from April 23rd till May 23rd. They will already be in Europe in February from the 20th till March 12th to do some promotion.

January 16, 2000: Wedding!

Yesterday, Adrian got married to his girlfriend Nina.
(news not confirmed yet!)

January 15, 2000: Radio

Radiostations (like KROQ) already started playing "X-Girlfriend". The video premiere will be in early February.

January 14, 2000: New releases
from NDIFC

"Simple Kind Of Life" will not be the first single, but the second one. The first song that will hit radiostations in about two weeks is going to be "X-Grilfriend". In March No Doubt will start their world tour,  which is coming to Europe in April. By that time (April 10th, one day sooner than in the US) the new album will be available in stores in Europe.

January 11, 2000: Happy Birthday!

Today Tom celebrated his 32nd birthday. 

January 10, 2000: Song titles
from NDIFC

Two new song titles have been added to the list of possible song that might end up on "Return of Saturn". The songs are "Home Now"and "Under Construction".

January 2, 2000: Dutch charts

No Doubt did well in Holland and ended up on a couple of charts:

TMF's Millennium Top 1000:
24   - Don't Speak
386 - Just A Girl

Radio 538's Millennium 2000:
...yet unknown...

January 1, 2000: Times Square performance

No Doubt performed a few songs in the first minutes of the year 2000 in MTV's TRL studio near Times Square. One song they did was "It's The End Of The World As We Know It" by R.E.M. They also played "X Girlfriend" and "Spiderwebs". Gwen still had her braces on.