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August 31, 2000: UK Promotion postponed
from NDIFC

"We reported earlier that No Doubt would come to the U.K. in mid september for some possible promotion. Unfortunataly the band has been to busy to fit that trip into their schedule, so it has been postponed for now. Please be patient with us, because we are pretty sure that No Doubt will come around to Europe sometimes next year with a major tour. Keep checking back here for details. We will let you know as soon as we hear something new

The US tour in Nov/Dec is not set yet. It's still in the works, according to their management"

August 30, 2000: Finally!

This site has made it! It is now on the official links page, under International Fanpages, right under the No Doubt International Fanclub! It made me feel really good when I first saw it.


Vote for Gwen as your Favorite Celebrity here

August 29, 2000: E-mail from VH1

Hello from VH1.  We are seeking die hard fans to tell their unique stories to our VH1 audience.  If you are a HUGE No Doubt fan and would like to be part of the show, please contact us and provide answers to the following questions. 
What is your name?
How old are you?
Where do you live (City, State)? 
Who is in your family (Names and ages)?
What is your occupation?  (Please give specifics.  What are your job
responsibilities?  If you are a student, what are you studying?)
Why are you a No Doubt fan?
How long have you been a fan?
What sets you apart from other No Doubt fans?
Have you ever met them?
How many shows have you been to?
What sort of memorabilia do you have?
Is there a certain No Doubt song that holds a special meaning for you?  What
is your favorite album?
Has something the band's done or songs they've sung helped you through a
difficult time or influenced your life in some way?
Does your admiration for the band influence your day to day life?  How so?
Why should you be featured on our show as one of No Doubt's biggest fans?

Our apologies to all of the international fans, but due to production
restraints, we will only be able to feature fans from within the U.S.

Please e-mail your responses to:  VH1nodoubtfanclub@hotmail.com


Another webcast that isn't going to take place. As scheduled on my
Appearances page there should be a Farmclub.com webcast with No Doubt performing tonight. But when I looked at the Farmclub website it stated that it's webcast schedule hasn't been announced yet, that the webcasts are coming soon. It had a picture of No Doubt on the webcast page however, so it might take place in the future. Sorry for the misleading information...

August 27, 2000: Happy Birthday Tony

Tony has his 30th birthday today!

August 26, 2000: Happy Birthday Adrian!

Adrian turns 31 today.
Tony's birthday is tomorrow.

from nodoubt.com

Win tickets to see No Doubt perform on Farmclub! On Tuesday, August 29th No Doubt will be performing on Farmclub.com. Click here to enter.

I doesn't seem like there will be a Hob.com webcast with No Doubt, as mentioned on my Appearances page. Nothing is mentioned about an upcoming No Doubt webcast on the Hob.com website.

Teen Choice Awards

No Doubt didn't win the award for best rock group. Blink-182 walked away with the award. If you missed the show, don't worry. It will be rebroadcasred on Friday, September 8th on Fox at 8 PM/7 C.

from VH1.com

Vote for Gwen in a poll called "25 Sexiest Artists". Gwen had the lead, but now Courtney Love is winning (ugh!). You can vote as many times as you want, so make Gwen number 1!

August 22, 2000: Teen Choice Awards
from Fox.com

Don't forget to watch the Teen Choice Awards tonight! And also check out the FOX website for the pre- and postshow webcasts.

August 21, 2000: Rumors
from no-doubt.net

At the site www.thirsty.com there are a few articles on the releationship between Gavin and Gwen. First they say that Gavin has fallen in love with Andrea Corr from the London band The Corrs, then they spotted Gwen in Santa Barbara with an "unidentified friend" and finally they have an article on how Gavin was recently spotted in Los Angeles walking hand and hand with Gwen.

August 20, 2000: Vote

You can vote for "Simple Kind of Life" to be in the Top 10 net requests. Then, see the celebrity hosts count down the results on the show you created!


In its 18th week, "Return of Saturn" drops 5 places to number 78 in the Billboard 200.

August 18, 2000: Interesting interview
from ESPN.com

ESPN did an interview with Adrian in which he answers some of the question that all No Doubt fans have, like: "When is the video for Bathwater going to be done?", "Are there going to be more New B-sides to look forward to?" and "What are your tour plans?". For answers to these questions and more, click here

Also, vote for No Doubt as "The X Games band"

August 16, 2000: No Doubt Rock Across America
from nodoubt.com

VH1 is letting you choose your favorite videos for their show "Rock Across America" go to their website and click on "Pick Your Faves" to vote for "Simple Kind Of Life" today

August 15, 2000: Rock 'N Road Rally
from no-doubt.net

Members of No Doubt are set to participate in a Rock 'N Road Rally. It will take drivers from New York to New Orleans next May with challenges along the way to help determine a winner. Other who will be participating include Pras, members of Papa Roach, and Lenny Kravitz. Check out the full article here.

August 13, 2000: Storytellers
from CDNOW.com

Former No Doubt keyboard player and songwriter Erik Stefani (Gwen's brother) joined the band for the taping of VH1's Storytellers on Thursday (Aug. 10) in Long Beach, Calif. More >>>

from nodoubt.com

Thursday, August 17th No Doubt will be performing 3 songs at the ESPN X-Games 2K Kick Off Party in San Francisco. You can win tickets to the event by entering here. The event will be broadcasted on several tv stations, click here for more info about the X-Games


In its 17th week, "Return of Saturn" drops 10 places to number 73.

August 8, 2000: Teen Choice Awards
from Fox.com

Unlike as posted on the official website, the Teen Choice Awards 2000 won't be broadcasted on August 26th, but on August 22nd! There will also a webcast of the show.

from VH1.com

You can vote for Gwen in a poll called "25 Sexiest Artists". Gwen had the lead, but Sheryl Crow passed her. You can vote as many times as you want! Vote now! Your picks will help determine who makes the cut for a one hour special profiling today's "25 sexiest musicians" set to premiere in September on VH1.


In its 16th week, "Return of Saturn" climbs 2 places in the Billboard 200. It is slowly going down in the chart, but sometimes it recovers a few places. It is now at number 63.

August 5, 2000: New Single

With No Doubt playing "Bathwater" on last night's Tonight Show with Jay Leno, it's now certain that No Doubt's new single will indeed be "Bathwater". A release date is still unknown however.

No Doubt show
from VH1 The Wire

Five people are injured at a No Doubt concert in Arizona following a crush in front of the stage. More >>>

August 4, 2000: Win
from nodoubt.com

On Thursday, August 10th No Doubt will be performing on VH1 Storytellers and they want you to go! Enter to win by filling out this form. Winners will be chosen at random. Transportation is not be provided.

August 3, 2000: Award

No Doubt is nominated for another VH1/Vogue Fashion Award: Most Stylish Band, but you cannot vote for this awards.

from CDEurope

On August 15 "Simple Kind of Life" will be released on vinyl in the USA and Canada. Side B will feature "Ex-Girlfriend". Click here to order it (search for "Simple Kind of Life").

August 2, 2000: Forum entry

Look what message was posted on this site's forum:

Hello Everyone!

I just want all of our fans to know that we want to put an end to all of the recent break-up rumors. We are going to make ONE more album, then tour, then we are done with the band. We do want to pursue our families. Thank You all very much for listening to No Doubt!

Tom D.

Now I don't know what to think of this! Is this real? Was Tom actually on my site? Or is somebody being funny? Let me know what you think of this!

August 1, 2000: Magazine
from nodoubt.com

"Tony has the cover of this month's (August) Bass Player Magazine on news stands now!"

MTV's Cool Crap Auction

Remember that you can start bidding on the pink microphone that Gwen used in the Ex-Girlfriend video.