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August 27, 1999: Happy birthday Tony Kanal!

Today Tony turned 29 years old, so happy birthday to him

August 26, 1999: Happy birthday Adrian Young!

Today Adrian turned 30 years old, so happy birthday to him

August 25, 1999: Release date for the new album has been postponed
from www.nodoubt.de

The new album's (title until now: "Artificial Sweetner") release date has been postponed (once again) this time to February 2000. Possibly the next tour starts in autumn though, but nobody knows about this exactly until now.

August 24, 1999: Some songs from the new album
from No Doubt in my mind

No Doubt will probably be releasing another single sometime in October before the album is realised. Some of the songs which will be on the album are: 
Dark Blue,
Magic's in the make-up,
My big distraction,
Too Late Now,
Everything Always,
Waiting Room,
You're so Foxy.

August 20th, 1999: Net Aid confirmation
from Matt Sharkey

It has now been confirmed that the band will not appear at the Net Aid on October 9th. Sharkey talked with No Doubt's management yesterday and confirmed that they will not be playing at Net Aid. The event is, indeed, happening but No Doubt will not appear on the bill.

August 18, 1999: Possible No Doubt show at NetAid on October 9th
from NDIFC

This is what we have all been waiting for. ND haven't been playing live since May 1998, and will soon kick off their new world tour with the release of the new album. The new tour is most likely to start around November. But now, it seems like they might do a show on October 9th 1999, in Europe for Net Aid!

"A new collaboration between U2 frontman Bono and Wyclef Jean, "New Day," will be presented to the United Nations on Sept. 8, kicking off the publicity campaign for NetAid, a massive Internet charity undertaking designed to raise awareness for the U.N.'s poverty campaign. The single will also be released on Columbia Records.

Though NetAid organizers have kept details close to the vest, in his latest Pop Eye column in the Los Angeles Times, Steve Hochman reveals that three concerts will take place on Oct. 9 around the globe — in Giants Stadium in New Jersey, London's Wembley Stadium, and at a smaller venue in Geneva, Switzerland.

Hochman also reports that the Wembley lineup will likely include Bono (and possibly other members of U2), George Michael, Bush, the Corrs, Robbie Williams, and the Stereophonics, while the audience at Giants Stadium will see the likes of NO DOUBT, Jean, Counting Crows, and Jewel. Organizers also have their sights set on Celine Dion, the Beastie Boys and The Eurythmics. All concerts, along with backstage footage and interviews, will be broadcast live on the Web.

NetAid organizers are reportedly making arrangements to provide a system that can accommodate the enormous number of fans they hope will log on. The focus of the event is not so much to make money — though no one will turn down a donation, to be sure — but to create a worldwide awareness of the poverty campaign. "

August 9, 1999: Gwen on the new Bush album
Excerp from MTV interview w/Gavin of Bush

MTV: Any guests on the album?

GR: Gwen sang on a couple of tracks. You know, she's that girl from No Doubt.

MTV: So are you singing on any of No Doubt's tracks?

GR: No, I just provide a cultural backdrop, for reference. I don't know, we're probably not going to tour together. It's kind of ironic that we finished touring at the same time, but we did have that year of contractual nonsense. Had that not gone on, we would have been talking about the second single now. Because we had it ready at Christmas. But that's life.