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These are illegally made CDs and thus are illegal to sell, however you can find them in used record shops if you look hard enough. The argument is that the record companies and artists are ripped off by the sale of such material because bootlegs make outrageous money for the people who make and sell them. The trading of bootlegs is a general practice amongst fans, and is usually viewed as a harmless act unless money is charged.

CD-cover Name of the bootleg Do I have it?
Spiderwire Spiderwire

Weenie Roast Weenie Roast '96

Sushi Chick Sushi Chick

Just A Girl cover 1 Just A Girl cover 2 Just A Girl

Disneyland Demos Disneyland Demos

Excuse Me...I'm The Singer "Excuse Me...I'm The Singer"

Statenhal Live '97 Statenhal Live '97

The Multicultural Trampoline Machine The Multicultural Trampoline Machine

Don't Speak Don't Speak

Happy Happy

Fruity Frutty Fruity Frutty

Teenage Orgasm Teenage Orgasm

Beacon Street Bimbo Beacon Street Bimbo

Ska-Face Ska-Face

California Girl California Girl

Classic Betty Classic Betty

The Imperial Collection The Imperial Collection

Live In Hamburg 2000 Live In Hamburg 2000

Almost Pink Almost Pink

Got No Doubt? Got No Doubt?

- Hoochie Mama

Live in Japan Live in Japan

"Mystery" bootlegs

"Halloween Concert"

"Chicago Concert"

Vitamin C