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Music Fan Clubs features all kinds of great games for our VIP Members to play! Click onto a game now to get started.

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  • '80s Server quiz: A quiz stuffed with questions from the '80s.
  • Crossword: A challenging crossword always filled with the best '80s trivia.
  • Daily 100: Test your knowledge of '80s movie characters and one-liners.
  • Dave Matthews Band Quiz: A quiz devoted entirely to busting your chops over the DMB.
  • Fast Times Quiz: Aloha! Ever been to Ridgemont High? Ok then, prove it.
  • Freeze Phraze: Interactive phraze game similar to the great Wheel of Fortune.
  • Gremlines: We give you the movie quote and you give us the character.
  • Manic Medley: Listen to ten song clips and tell us the song and artist.
  • Music Hunt: Music Hunt is the ultimate online scavenger hunt game with great prizes for the winner.
  • Music Trivia Quiz: Asks questions about today's hottest musicians
  • Return of the Jedi Quiz: Take the quiz based on Return of the Jedi.
  • Rewind: It's a hip, hot, fast, '80s version of "Name The Song."
  • Risky Business: Five days a week, Risky Business tests your knowledge of the most obscure aspects of the '80s with a daily dose of five new timed questions.
  • Save Ferris Quiz: A quiz designed for stumping you on the ultimate '80s classic.
  • Sliding Tiles: Help put the mixed up photograph back together.
  • Takeover: The object is to take over the tic-tac-toe board by correctly answering trivia questions.
  • Vacation Quiz: We're going to Wally World. Wanna come?
  • Who Can It Be Now: We give you a photo and some choices, you tell us the '80s musician.

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