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How did the band start... How did Lars and James first meet?

Lars had taken out an ad in a newspaper called the Recycler, saying he was looking for people to jam with. James answered the ad, and was unimpressed withLars' playing, partly due to the fact that Lars' cymbals fell over every time he hit them.

Shortly after, Lars went to England to follow his favorite band, Diamond Head on tour, and after returning to the States got a spot on Brian Slagel's "Metal Massacre" album. Using this as bait, he talked James into recording a song for the album, and the rest is history.

Where did the name Metallica come from?
Lars stole it. "Mr. Metal" of San Francisco, Ron Quintana, was getting ready to launch a metal fanzine and he had a few names. He asked his friend Lars for help.. after hearing the name "Metallica", Lars quickly suggested a different name and kept "Metallica" for himself!

Who are all the former and current members of the band?
James, Lars, Kirk all current. Cliff Burton died 9-27-86. Jason Newsted left Metallica in January 2001. Dave Mustaine lead guitar, Ron McGovney bass, both 'removed.' Damien Philips, one appearance in concert as a second guitarist, Lloyd Grant not really a member, but recorded some lead work to the first recording of "Hit The Lights".

Where did recorded Metallica first appear?
On "Metal Massacre I," the very first Metallica song called "Hit The Lights" appeared. That song featured James on vocals, rhythm guitar and bass! Lars on drums, Mustaine on lead guitar, and another guitar player named Lloyd Grant added the 2nd guitar solo. Later issuing's of "Metal Massacre" included a different version of the song with McGovney on bass and without Grant.

Who designed the Metallica logo?
James is responsible for the original logo and the new Metallica star logo.

When and where was the first Metallica show?
Featuring Ron McGovney on bass and Dave Mustaine on guitar, Metallica's first show was at Radio City in Anaheim, CA. The date is said to be March 14,1982.

When was Metallica's first tour?
July 27 - September 3, 1983

Metallica moved from LA to SF, why?
Cliff lived in SF and refused to move to LA. In order to get Cliff as the bass player the band had to relocate.

What happened to Cliff Burton, the former bass player?
Cliff was killed in a bus accident en route from Stockholm, Sweden to their next show in the early morning hours of September 27, 1986. (You can read Cliff's Last Day here.)

I have a record/tape that says Megaforce records on it, who are they?
Megaforce records signed Metallica in 1983, after the band traveled from their home in SF to Megaforce's location in New Jersey. Megaforce released Kill 'Em All and Ride The Lightning in North America. Elektra came into the picture shortly after the release of Ride The Lightning.

What is the Make-A-Wish foundation?
It is an organization that attempts to make the wishes of seriously ill youngsters come true. Metallica actively support and assist as often as possible.

Primus - Faith No More - Metallica... What's the connection?
Kirk and Les Claypool from Primus grew up and went to the same school together in El Sobrante, CA. Big Jim Martin (the old guitar player in FNM) and Cliff were best friends as kids and in several bands together, Cliff also knew Mike Bordin (another friend of Kirk's, the drummer in FNM) and actually suggested Jim to Mike for the guitar duties in FNM.

What is "Alcoholica"?
A nickname for Metallica, given to them somewhere in Europe in 1985, because of their love of drinking, A fan was spotted wearing a T-shirt he had made of the cover of Kill 'Em All, only instead of a hammer and blood, the T-shirt showed a bottle spilling Vodka. The band members liked it so much, they adopted it for their own use.

Who does Metallica's artwork?
Pushead (Brian Schroeder) and Mark DeVito do a majority of the artwork for T-shirts and merchandise; James came up with the Scary Guy and "4 M's- Ninja Star" logos. Each album cover is a different and unique situation. Load and ReLoad featured the art of Andres Serrano.

What happened to John Smith, the kid from the "Year & a Half in the Life" video?
John passed away a few months after.

What is the music played as Metallica's live show introduction?
Metallica plays Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone, from the Clint Eastwood flick 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly' before taking the stage.

What is Spastic Children?
Spastic Children was a "joke band" created originally by James, Cliff, Jumbo, Fred Cotton and James (Flunky) McDaniel. Spastic never practiced and played rather ludicrous songs, Cliff played bass and Jaymz drummed, when Cliff died Kirk took over the bass duties, Jason performed as well. Kirk says "Spastic Children was a good excuse to drink and be silly on stage." Spastic has not been seen around lately.


What does "Well'ard Stiffy Boyz" mean?
The phrase, seen on James' guitar, has no real meaning (to those brought up outside of northern England), it is generally used to imply a group of "bonded males."

Where is the "Snake" on the Black Album from?
The "Snake," seen heavily on the Black Album, is from the Culpepper Minute Men flag from which the motto "Don't Tread On Me" also originates.

What is NWOBHM?
It's the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal that Lars is especially quite fond of. The "NWOBHM" greatly influenced Metallica, such acts as DiamondHead, Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Samson, Saxon can be considered NWOBHM. This movement is considered to have started mid 1979, and to have fizzled out by 1982. NWOBHM is considered to be hard-rock's answer to Punk Rock's street 'vibe' and youthful energy.

Who played with Metallica on their first Day on the Green appearance?
Scorpions, Ratt, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Victory, and Y & T.

What's Lady Justices' nickname?
Doris, as seen on the cover of the Justice album, and on the Damaged Justice tour.

Die Krupps is a German band that released a nine song tribute CD to Metallica. Their interpretation of the songs is considerably different than that of the originals. There is some guitar, but mostly keyboards, electronic drums and a strong accent from the vocalist.


Who are Apocolyptica?
Apocolyptica are four finnish cellists that have recorded an album full of Metallica songs called "Metallica by Four Cellos," they've just recently released their latest album "Inquisition Symphony," with 3 more Metallica songs. They've even opened up for Metallica on the Poor Touring Me tour. Visit Apocalyptica's "offical" site for more info:

Who was Voodoo Children?
Group that only made one performance in benefit to the blues guitarist John Campbell in summer 1993. The lineup was: Kirk Hammett-Guitar, Jason Newsted-Bass, Tony PrinzivalliGuitar, vocals, Whitey Chrobak-Keys, Tim Lau-Drums.

What is the Snake Pit?
The Snake Pit was a large pit in the middle of Metallica's diamond shaped Wherever I May Roam stage, set aside for a few lucky fans to stand in the middle of the action on stage. It is also an on-line meeting place for Metallica fans on AOL.

Is it true that a group of Metallica roadies formed a band and played before Metallica?
Yes, at the 1987 Aaardshokk Festival in Zwolle, Holland a group of Metallica roadies played a set of cover songs under the name Scrap Metal opened the nine hour festival that Metallica headlined.

Is it true Metallica has appeared on Saturday Night Live?
The band was to appear in 1987 but James injured himself in one of his many skateboard accidents causing a cancellation. Metallica finally fulfilled the SNL promise on December 6th, 1997 playing The Memory Remains (with Marianne Faithfull) and Fuel.

Is it true that James hasn't played at Atlanta in 2000?
Yes, it is true. James couldnt played at their Summer Sanitarium Tour stop "Atlanta". James had a back injury, So he couldnt played. Korn and Kid Rock helped Lars, Jason and Lars on stage. Most vocals done by Jason. At the end the show Lars said "Jason's dream became true".