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James HetfieldJames Hetfield (Vocals - Guitar)

James is the voice, among other things, of Metallica's songs but it wasn't always planned that way... In the early days, Metallica tried a few different vocal/guitar configurations. Some of the experiments included adding another guitar player, or having then lead guitar player Dave Mustaine play the sole guitar.

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Lars UlrichLars Ulrich (Drums)

Lars had jammed with a James Hetfield, a singer and guitar player. That jam had its share of problems... Lars' timekeeping wasn't that solid and the cymbals fell victim to gravity a bit too often. But now, he had bait: a spot on an album.

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Kirk HammettKirk Hammett (Lead Guitar)

Kirk is the second lead guitarist of Metallica. Hammett's playing brought Metallica into an era of more melodic and controlled guitar work. He's been in the band ever since that day in 1983, which surprisingly was less then a month after he and his former band, Exodus opened for Metallica.

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Rob TrujilloRob Trujillo (Bass Guitar)

He's got rhythm, and he is most certainly got music. Now Robert Trujillo's also got the job of being Metallica's new bassist and family member... one that will doubthless fit most righteous and cheerful of Souther Californians like a glove.

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Jason NewstedJason Newsted (Bass) - (1986-2001)

In 1986, the band members chose him as the 3rd bass guitarist of Metallica after the tragic death of Cliff Burton. He played a solo in his first show. Some people thought it wasn't good to play a solo after Cliff's death. Jason always felt Cliff's shadow on stage, but he never stoped and he made his mark in Metallica.

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Cliff BurtonCliff Burton (Bass) - (1982-1986)

Cliff was discovered by Lars and James when he was playing in Trauma. After he joined Metallica, he became one of the most favorite member of the band. His music was so melodic. "Orion" and "Anesthesia" are 2 samples of his talent. Unfortunately Cliff died when the band was on tour in Sweden in 1986.

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Dave MustaineDave Mustaine (Lead Guitar) - (1981-1983)

Dave is the original lead guitarist of Metallica. James and Lars removed Dave from Metallica in 1983. They replaced Kirk Hammett after him. Dave Mustaine formed Megadeth after his adventure in Metallica. But Megadeth broke up in April 2002.

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Ron McGovneyRon McGovney (Bass) - (1981-1982)

Ron McGovney is the original bass guitarist of Metallica. James and Ron were/are good friends. They played together in lot's of bands like; Leather Charm, Phantom Lord. He was removed from Metallica in 1982. Cliff Burton was the second bass guitarist after Ron.