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Welcome to's Shop. You can find all Metallica albums, singles, videos, guitars and lot's of books here.


Metallica BooksBOOKS

If you are playing an instrument, these books must be in your archive. Riff by riff all Metallica songs...




Metallica PhotosPHOTOS

And here you can find tons of exclusive Metallica photos from various dates. You can buy high quality Metallica photos here!




Metallica Guitar ShopGUITARS

You can find tons of guitars here. Also you can buy the same guitars that 'tallica boys use. Gibson, Ibanez, Fender...




Metallica Albums & SinglesALBUMS & SINGLES

You can find a huge collection of all Metallica albums & singles and interview CDs are here to buy.




Metallica VideosVIDEOS

From "2 of One" to "S&M". All videos are here.