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In Brief: Robert Trujillo
Born: October 23, 1964
Santa Monica, California
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Brown eyes, dark hair, 5'9"/1.75 meters tall, weighs 180 lbs/82 kilos



He's got rhythm, and he is most certainly got music. Now Robert Trujillo's also got the job of being Metallica's new bassist and family member... one that will doubthless fit most righteous and cheerful of Souther Californians like a glove.

Although he sometimes does use a pick, Trujillo is best known as a baaaad motherplucker, a finger-playin' bass monster who's dextrity, tones and attitude have seen him grace the best Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves and Ozzy Oscourne'S band since his first professional work with Suicidal in 1989. It all stems back to a childhood filled with variety and spice.

Growing up in Venice Beach "Dog Town". Trujillo heard everything from Led Zeppelin to Motown with a chunk in between. Joined with a young love of surfing. Trujillo developed a rhythm and a vibe that saw him play with a variety of local bands through his early 20s until he met Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies via his High School buddy Suicidal Tendencies guitarist Rocky George. The two got on infamously well, and began a rich and fruitful relationship whiþch saw Rob establish himself as one of the most exciting bass talents in the rock world.

In early 90s, he and Muir formed the experimental fuck-rockers Infectious Grooves, and then in the mid 90s Trujillo joined up with Ozzy Osbourne. Together with drummer Mike Bordin, Trujillo formed one of the most soild and reliable rhythm units.

Rob's name first floated by Metallicamp during Suicidal's supporting role on the Summer Shed tour of '94, when all the band noted his enthusiastic style and performances. Thus when it was time to who could step up and take the bass full-time in Metallica, Rob'S name was an obvious choice.



What was the first band Rob played in?
- Oblivion

Who are Rob's influences on the bass?
- Jaco Pastorious, Geezer Butler, Larry Graham and so many more to mention

What are Rob's favorite movies?
- Silence of the Lambs, Pulp Fiction.

Besides music what's Rob's favorite things to do on free time?
- Surf, snowboard, going out to lunch with my mom, haning with my ladie(s).

Is he using a pick?
- Sometimes

What age did Rob start to play the bass?
- 14

Can Rob play any other musical instruments?
- I am soo bad on other instruments I chose not to mention them, though I do dabble on the piano.

What is Rob's favorite color?

What car does Rob have?
- Black Subaru Outback for the mountains and the beach.

Which member of Metallica did Rob know best before he joined?
- Kirk Hammett

What are Rob's favorite sports?
- Surfing, snowboarding, and world cup soccer.