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How to install Metallica melodies to your mobile phone?
Please note those melodies are not working with all models of Nokia or Ericsson mobile phones. Only some models have a melody program to install personal ring tones. Most of Ericsson models have a melody program but only 2 or 3 models of Nokia has melody program. So please don't e-mail me about how to install those melodies to your phone. Just know that those melodies are not working with all models. First check your mobile phone if it has a melody program.


I can't play the videos, what is the problem?
You need some softwares to play videos. The videos, on "videos page" and other pages, are in diffirent video formats. So you need diffirent video player softwares to play them. You need Real Player, Windows Media Player and Quicktime to watch videos. Also you need WinZip to unzip zipped videos. You can find links to download these softwares below.

Get Real Player      Get Winzip      Get Quick Time Player      Get Windows Media Player


Why Webshots? Is Webshots really good to use for wallpapers?
Webshots is the most favorite wallpaper software today. Webhots has lot's of cool options; screen saver, desktop calendar, daily free wallpapers on etc... Also Webshots is a good program to organize your wallpapers.
All wallpapers on "wallpapers page" are 800x600 pixels. And if you have 1024x768 pixels dektop, the wallpapers will lose quality when you enlarge them to your desktop. Webshots enlarges your wallpapers with no quality losting. So I suggest you to download Webshots today.



I can't play the soundsamples on jukebox page. Why?
Those soundsamples are in Real Media format. So you need Real Player to listen to them.

Get Real Player


How to install Winamp Skins?
Just copy the skin files to "Skins" folder under Winamp directory. (For Example: C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins)


I can't watch the intro movie. Why?
You need Flash Plug-in to watch intro movie and to see all other flash movies on our web site.

Get Flash Player


Help topics about The Metallica Bulletin Board:

  • How to register to MFC Metallica Bulletin Bulleting Board?
    Go to the board and click on register. Then fill the blanks in coming registering-form. And don't forget your password for later use. And if you forget your password, click on "forget password?". Your password will be emailed you immidiately.

  • I registered to the board, but I can't login. Why?
    Please check your browser's options if the cookies are enabled or disabled. If cookies are disabled, just enable it. Then try to log in to the board again. But don't forget; your browser may need restart for full effect for cookies.


How to read tablatures?
Please download the file below to learn how to read & write tabs. Click here to Download.


How to install fonts to your computer?
Open "Fonts" folder under Windows directory. Then open file menu of Fonts folder. Choose "Install New Font", then select the font(s) that you want to install. But don't forget to unzip the fonts before you install it.