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I have received lot's of email about the drawing that I used on's main page. You asked for it you got it! I have opened this section for the killer art-work designer Danesh. You can find a short interview about him and his drawings. And also you can find some killer drawings.



Q: When did you start drawing? At what age?
Danesh: I started drawing seriously when i was 15. Before that I had experienced many things such as: painting, make-up, music &...., but suddenly a competition changed my way, I won a little prize for my cartoon! Then I started to send my cartoons (caricautres) to international exhibitions and competitions. After I won some international prizes, magazines started give me some jobs, and now I work in the best magazines in my country.

Q: When did you draw your first Metallica drawing?
Danesh: I drew my first Metallicaish(!) drawings (a James Hetfield drawing) when I was 17. In high school I had some friends who were dying for Metallica and I drew a James picture for them! When I saw more stuff from Metallica I could focus on their styles better!

Q: When did you start listening Metallica?
: Actually I started to listen to their MARVELOUS music when I was 15. But maybe because of my age, I couldn't understand their music & their poems very well. Then suddenly after a year and a half I felt like that Metallica's music grasps me into tape recorder. It was very nice! I found their previous albums and their videos later! And now I think that their songs are eternal, I'm sure all guys in the far future will listen to Metallica and they will enjoy it exactly like us!!

Q: Who is your favorite member in Metallica? And why?
: I like James,Lars & Kirk. But absolutely JAMES is my favorite member of the band !! I really like him. His position, his voice, his face & ... He is the main insparation of my drawings. I based on lots of my characters on his style! Sometimes I see him in my dreams. He teaches me guitar!! I like him like a member of my family. I hope some day I can see him!! And I hope him to see my works on this web site!

Q: Where are you from?
: I'm an Iranian, and now I live in Tahran. I planed to go abroad. Maybe after finishing the university!

Q: Do you sell your drawings?
: Yes, I sell them to magazines and book publications and sometimes in my exhibitions! Or people ask me to draw some stuff for their magazines. But actually I dont like selling my my works. I love my drawings and I don't want to lose my beloveds!!!

Q: Who is your inspiration? And why?
: In drawing I've given inspiration from many artists. 70% of them are Americans! But I base on my characters on some people like: James Hetfield, Tom Cruis ,Angelina Joly, Hugh Jackman etc....

Q: How long does it take to finish a drawing?
: It depends on the drawing's situation, I think how I like to do my work. Newspapers' works are very fast. But I spend more time on the drawings that I make for myself (or my heart!!) It takes 2 or 3 days (sometimes more)!. It takes almost 1 day and a half to finish a complete work for a magazine.

Q: Any members of Metallica seen your drawings?
: Unfortunetly NO!!. But I wish !!

Q: What do you write as your sign under your drawings? Is it your nickname or what?
: I write "DANESH",It's not my nickname. My name is Soheil Danesh Eshraghi. I've choosen my middle name as my signature.

Q: How old are you?
: It's just around 2 days that I steped into 19 age!

Q: Have you ever won any contest? If yes, can you tell us?
: Yes,such as:
- Runned-up in "Ronan Lurie" international cartoon exhibition(U.N),U.S.A,2000.
- Special mention in "Zagreb" international cartoon exhibition,Crovatia,2000.
- Runned-up in "Olens" international cartoon exhibition,Belgium,1998.
and I won many honorary diplomas from many national and international competitions.

And at last I want to thank you to tha manager of this site and all staffs.



Here are some killer drawings by Danesh. I hope to post more drawings as time allows.
* You can find 4 new drawings at the bottom row. (Update: 19.Apr.2003)

Please note these drawings are copyright of Danesh. is posting these drawings under the permission of Danesh