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  • Born Meredith Ann Brooks in Oregon City, Oregon (just outside Portland) on June 12, 1958
  • Grew up in Corvallis, Oregon with mother, sister and brother
  • Parents divorced. Father was local county sheriff; currently retired
  • Learned to play guitar at age 11
  • Graduated high school at 15, one and a half years early (skipped grades)
  • Played in a variety of Portland and Seattle bands, selling records from the stage, writing songs, and recording many demo tapes. One of these, recorded in 1984, was released in 1997 as See It Through My Eyes Meredith Brooks, The Graces album photo
  • Moved to Los Angeles in 1986 and continued performing in bars
  • In 1988, joined Charlotte Caffey's new group, The Graces, with Gia Ciambotti. They released 1 album in 1989, Perfect View by A & M Records. The Graces split up in 1992
  • Meredith married Russell Jackson and returned to performing at LA clubs
Meredith Brooks, Bitch video Blurring the Edges:
  • Marriage ends in divorce (officially in 1998)
  • Blurring the Edges created summer 1996 in David Ricketts' home studio. (Instrumental accompaniment includes slamming the washing machine lid and banging on the fireplace.) Meredith plays ALL of the guitars, and sings ALL of the vocals. Signed with Capitol Records
  • Blurring the Edges and first single, "Bitch", released May, 1997
  • First single from album, "Bitch" climbs to top of all major charts, including #1 on the world chart, during summer 1997.
  • "Bitch" and Blurring the Edges certified platinum in August
  • Second single, "I Need" released August 1997
  • Third single, "What Would Happen" released November, 1997.
  • Extensive touring all year continuing into 1998, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. 5 dates on the Lilith Fair tour 1997
  • Numerous television and radio appearances, awards ceremonies and nominations, and cyberconcerts.
    What Would Happen video
  • See It Through My Eyes released November 1997 (recorded in 1984)
  • As of early 1998, over 3 million copies of Blurring the Edges have been sold world-wide.
  • February 1998, on tour in Europe
  • March 1998 performed at the Bammies
  • March 1998 opened for the Rolling Stones in Argentina. Impatient Stones fans pelted Meredith and her band with garbage. Meredith left the stage and refused to perform on the remaining nights
  • April 1998 re-cut version of "Stop" released to radio
  • May to July 1998 on tour in the U.S. and Europe, including several dates with Lilith Fair tour in late July
  • August 1998, "Sin City" released on Snake Eyes soundtrack. This song was written and performed by Meredith Brooks for the Nicholas Cage movie

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