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11.08.01 // 6:18 pm MST
>>News updated:

  • Fred to Perform at MTV Awards
  • Wes Eats the Day
  • New Old Songs Online
  • Tracks for LP Revealed, Wes' Remix Cut

  • 10.17.01 // 7:16 pm MST
    >>Wes, Sam, Lethal, John and Band pics back online
    >>Lots of news added today:

  • Fred combs the globe for a new guitarist
  • Bizkit start new music era
  • More stories having to do with Wes' departures

  • Some stories will probably repeat the same things numerous times but
    just bear with it, I'm trying to cover all angles

    10.17.01 // 4:54 pm MST
    >>Fred and Boiler pics back online
    >>Big news update on the way later tonight

    10.15.01 // 4:24 pm MST
    >>If you're logging on to the site right now I apologize for the broken images everywhere, I'm working as fast as I can to correct it

    >>Screen caps from "My Way" video added (203 screen caps)
    >>Updates might be more slight the next couple of weeks since I'll
    be making an exclusive Wes site, stay tuned for that one!

    >>News updated: Wes leaves the Bizkit and Bizkit's "Ironic" NYC Tribute
    >>Post about Wes' departure from the band on the forum

    >>News updated: Bizkit gets remixed, Lethal goes solo, early Fred footage
    surfaces, Fred produces "What's Going On", and Wes urges fans not to attack
    >>Nookie screen caps added (175 images available for viewing)
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