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.Version 5.0.

This site is now on it's fifth version. The four previous versions are as follows:

Version 5.0 - After only about a month of version 4.0 I decided it just wasn't enough and went for the current layout instead.

Version 4.0 - New layout after three years to match another site I recently built this year, Josh Hartnett World.

Version 3.0 - Relocated to musicfanclubs.org. Minor revisions to existing layout.

Version 2.0 - Relocated to freeservers.com. Layout revised somewhat after being thrown off of fortunecity.com. Everything had to be redone since at the time there. were no back up files

Version 1.0 - Made in '99 on fortunecity.com the site eventually came to have 600+ visitors daily until suddenly out of nowhere fortunecity.com had a crash of some sort and my site was lost.

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e-mail: [email protected]
AIM: SevenUpGyrl

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Josh Hartnett World
Colin Farrell World
Wild, Sweet, Cool *my personal basis page*