Fred Durst

Shure SM57 Wireless Microphone System, shure earphone monitors.

To give his voice different effects, Fred uses an Ibanez Voice Flanger, Ibanez Voice Chorus, a BOSS Clean Peddle, and an Ibanez Digital Delay.

Wes Borland

Custom 24 Paul Reed Smith; Ibanez RG7620 7-string guitars; Ibanez AX7221 Guitars and a modified AX model turned into a 4 string guitar with a G string from a bass as the lowest end tuned to A. He also uses Dean Markley strings on all of his instruments.

Two Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifiers, two Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus amplifiers synched with a Y-cable, a Line 6 AX212 combo amp, a Rurman Power Conditioner, Rocktron Studio Hush, Shure Wireless System, Korg Digital Tuner, 2 x 12 Wedges, 4x12 cabs with Celestion Vintage 30s.


    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power DOD Envelope Filter Gozer* Doogie* Kitten* Lard boy* A/B Box Sloper* MESA Footswitch Boss EQ Colicab Sike* Digitech XP300

* - custom made by Wes himself

Sam Rivers

Sam used to use an Ibanez SR885 as his bass, but has since been built a custom BTB5005 model by Ibanez.

Two Ampeg tower 6X10s. And 2 Mesa/Boogie heads.

Envelope filter and a flanger.

John Otto

Drum Type:
Tama drums

Zildjian cymbals

Promark sticks

Drum Info:
Kick: 20x22, Rack: 10x12, Rack: 12x14, Floor: 14x16, Floor: 16x18, Snare: 4x14, 20-ply

DJ Lethal

Set Up:
2 Technic SL-1200mk2, Vestax 05 Pro, Numark 1885, Akai MPC 3000 Sampler/Sequencer, various Midi players.

2 Marshall 4x12 cabs

Wah-Wah, Envelope Filters, Talk Boxes, Phasers, Digital Delay, Bass Pads.