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Limp Bizkit Articles-Teen People

Teen People-Summer Special 2000, Wes Borland named Sexiest Guitarist

The last thing Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland wants to dwell on is his sex appeal. When asked if he considers himself a girl magnet, he jokingly answers, "Just wait till I'm 40." But seriously, although the 25-year-old is well aware of the potent effect his sinewy body has on Limp Bizkit's massive following, it just isn't a big deal to the soft-spoken, shy guy, who married his longtime girlfriend, Heather, three years ago. On the road his chance encounters with the opposite sex-outside of female-packed Limp Bizkit shows-result in such provocative exchanges, he says, as, "Do you want fries with that?," "Have a nice day" and "Would you like smoking or nonsmoking?" For all his reluctance to elaborate on sexiness, ask Wes what he finds unsexy, and he's quick to answer: "Noisy eating habits and hollering loudly for no reason," he says. "Also, I find it unsexy when people say, 'Let's party!'" Enough said.

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