Alternative Press' 25 Most Wanted Albums of 2000

Album Title: TBA
Release Date: Summer 2000, on Flip/Interscope

What can we expect? When opportunity knocks, Bizkit-boss Fred Durst is always nearby to give it a pedicure. The Interscope Records VP recently sold a treatment to Warner Bros. film studios and is currently negotiating with other studios for his directorial debut. But Durst is passionately committed to Limp Bizkit and their many fans, and will begin recording the follow-up to Significant Other with either Brendan O'Brien [Rage Against The Machine, Korn] or Terry Date [Soundgarden, Deftones] at the helm. For this album, Durst and his bandmates worked on material with their respective tour buses and then shared the ideas during soundchecks on the Family Values tour. "The cool thing about my band is that we're unpredictable," says Durst. "Our emotions go up and down, so it's impossible for me to say what direction the music will go." But unlike many artists who explore new avenues to jump-start their muse, Durst shrugged off any notions of the band making bold changes to their music. "[Our fans] should expect a new level, but one that will appeal to their acquired tastes," he says. "I think our fans grow with us as we grow, and we're never gonna let them down. In the past, I've had so many bands disappoint me; I'm not gonna disappoint our fans." [JP]