Mother please forgive me
I just had to get out all my pain and suffering
Now that I am done, remember I will always love you
I'm your son

Little child, looking so pretty
Come out and play, I'll be your daddy
Innocent child, looking so sweet
Rape in my eyes and on your flesh I'll eat

You've raped
I feel dirty
It hurt
As a child
Tied down
That's a good boy
And fucked
Your own child
I scream
No one hears me
It hurt
I'm not a liar
My God
Saw you watching
Mommy why?
Your own child

It's alright

I didn't touch you there
Mama said she didn't care
I didn't touch you there
That's why mama stopped and stared

I fucking hate you Mother fucker
Mother Fucker, I fucking hate you, Fuck You
You son of a bitch, you fucking ruined my life
I wanted to die
I'm sick of it, mother fucker . . . oh oh
Why'd you fuck'n do it to me?
I Hate You
I Fuck'n Hate You
I Hate You
I Hate You

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